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2872 Mission Drive, Shelbyville, MI 49344

Gun Lake Tribe will be receiving bids for the following bid package:

EDA Award #: 06-79-06443
Project Name: 129th Ave Utility Extension and US-131 Utility Crossing
The construction of a sanitary sewer lift station and various direct bury and directionally
drilled watermains and sanitary forcemains at the Gun Lake Tribe, 1146 129th Ave, Bradley
MI 49311. This project is funded by the Economic Development Agency where Davis-Bacon
Act Wages and Buy American Preferences apply. Please refer to the request for proposals and
associated bid documents for full details.

This is a re-bid with amended milestone dates:
1. Milestone 1 Construction of Sanitary pump station, pumps, electrical and standby generator by April 1st, 2025.
2. Milestone 2 Construction of underground utilities from the pump station to 129th Ave. by August 1st, 2024
3. Milestone 3 All work in the MDOT right of way by October 18th, 2024

A pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:00am Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 852 2601 8762
Passcode: 303837

Bid documents can be accessed via and will also be available via e-
Builder Bidding Portal:

Sealed bids should be submitted to Jordan Malkov – Project Manager, Land Use, Planning, and Development Department at Gun Lake Tribe 2872 Mission Drive, Shelbyville, MI 49344. Bids are to be received no later than 4:00pm local time Friday, May 24th, 2024. Gun Lake Tribe will not consider or accept a bid received after the date and time specified for bid submission. Bids must be submitted in hard copy, using the Bid Forms provided. No oral, email, telephonic or telegraphic proposals shall be considered. Public bid opening May 28th, 2024, at 2:00pm, at Gun Lake Tribe 2872 Mission Drive, Shelbyville, MI 49344.

In compliance with the Tribe’s Conflict of Interest Policy and 2 CFR § 200.318(C)(1), the bid shall be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing any familial relationship that exists between the Tribe’s government staff or any employee of the bidder and any employee or Officer of the Tribe. The Tribe shall not accept a bid that does not include these sworn and notarized disclosure statements.

Certified check or Bid Bond by an approved surety company must accompany each proposal in an amount not less than 5% of the bid amount. Certified check or Bid Bond must be submitted via sealed hard copy by 4:00pm local time Friday, May 24th, 2024. Price proposal shall be good for a period of no less than 60 days from the bid date, unless otherwise noted.

All questions during the bidding period shall be referred to Plante Moran Realpoint via the e-Builder Bidding Portal at the link provided above.

The Tribe reserves the right to waive any irregularities, reject any or all bids, or accept any bid when in the opinion of the Tribe such action will best serve Gun Lake Tribe’s interest.

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