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Allegan prepares for big Fourth of July weekend

Preparing for Visitors! The weekend leading to the July 3rd Jubilee contained Friday’s Rollin’ on the River and Monday’s Fork in the Road, Food Truck Rally. Before the streets and Riverfront became filled with those enjoying the fun, food and fireworks on July 3, 2024, the streets needed some sprucing up. Downtown Allegan has taken on a new look because of last summer’s street improvement project, and this summer’s MI Dept. of Transportation’s decision to construct a roundabout where M-40, M-89, Ely St., Cedar St. and Hubbard St. merge. To keep the city looking its best, it takes a village.
Residents and visitors do enjoy walking around town and stopping in shops. “I was walking in town today and saw these two out pulling weeds and cleaning planted beds of perennials and shrubs. For all the flak that gets thrown at our city leaders, I thought this photo was interesting. Joel Dye, City Manager and Michaela Kleehammer, city clerk, on their knees and working to keep Allegan looking nice,” shared Leah Ward.
The Downtown Allegan group does schedule clean up days around Allegan, but if everyone would take a few minutes to use the new trash and recycle containers and the cigarette butt holders, and maybe even pull a weed or two, Allegan can stay a lovely town that residents and its visitors enjoy. (Photo: L. Ward)

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