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Area family starts foundation to honor deceased member

The Schincariol family of Lawton has announced an effort this year to raise money to purchase music lessons and instruments for area teens.
“Our long-term goal is to provide teens of Southwest Michigan the tools and training to explore and develop their artistic talents and creative expression in a safe and supportive environment. We will encourage students to find their voice through music, dance, painting, and other artistic forms: with faith-based values at our core,” said Leigh Schincariol, president of the newly formed charity and mother of Luciano (Luc) Clayton Schincariol, who passed away last June. “Luc’s legacy is how he will continue to live through those who love him,” she added.
“We lost our son, Luc, in a tragic accident. He was alone the night of June 24, when his actions resulted in severe bodily harm. We are not sure what he was thinking or feeling that night, but we do know that he was able to make a phone call for help. Luc knew he was not done. He knows there is more help to give others and our community,” said Paul Schincariol, Luc’s father and organization founder.
One of Luc’s first passions was the bass guitar. He began lessons at age 14 and by the time he was 16, he had become an accomplished and uniquely talented musician playing in the Paw Paw High School Jazz Band and RedArrow Ministries Youth Band. He later taught himself on the keyboards. “Luc was a fine artist who took up painting during his senior year. He was a strong creative writer and was awarded English Department Student of The Year in 2021,” said Paul. He was enrolled to attend Michigan State University this past fall, where he was to study English. “I want to write music and screenplays,” he told the Paw Paw Lions Club, upon accepting a scholarship from the organization.
Luc was active with the Lions Club, as well as other service groups and churches. It is his combination of love for the arts and being a helpful citizen that inspired his family to pursue this charity in his name, according to Leigh.
“Teens are under a lot of pressure from school, home, friends, and facing their futures after middle and high school. It’s been especially difficult on kids these past two years with all the isolation of COVID-19 protocols,” said Luc’s brother, Trino, also an organization founder. “We know that such a place would have helped Luc and we feel his guiding light in this undertaking today.”
The family plans to have an in-person kick-off event soon.
Donations may be made to Luc’s Light Youth Music & Arts Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 85, Mattawan, MI, 49071. For more information or to donate, visit the website at:

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