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Bulldog homecoming one for the ages

This the host for the 2022 alumni homecoming festivities class of 1993
JiNysha Story 2022 LHS Homecoming Queen, escort and former LHS Queen.
2022 JiNysha Story crown Homecoming Queen

By Pamela Whitlow

Where can you start…. where do you start from a major, epic, week long Alumni homecoming celebration for the LaFayette High School Alumni Bulldogs.
People returning back to their Bulldogs old stomping ground with 50 total participating classes. This was the biggest and most number of classes that has ever participated. The previous record was 48.

This year the oldest class that participated and recognized was the Class of 1970.

This homecoming Alumni celebration week was definitely one for the books! It was different from any other year.

You would think the talk of merging schools together and the thought of not knowing what the future holds for such a high spirit, family tied, black & gold type atmosphere for the LaFayette Bulldogs family brought everyone out, where this community and people really do just love their black & gold.

Yes, it’s been disturbing to some to hear the word merging….
But, It was also said by different alumni if the merger takes place it’s going to be a sad moment, while others see it as an exciting moment for change.

But, then you had the real purpose of coming out last week/weekend which it all started, with 50 classes, a mass of generations of PROUD LHS ALUMNI coming together for the culture as one!!! To continue to celebrate each other in fun, love, laughter and making more Bulldogs memories!!!

So, Either way! The Black and Gold traditional Alumni committee for the homecoming picnic has agreed to continue gathering together.

The weeklong homecoming celebration was kicked off by the hosting class of 1993!
The class hosted the first alumni homecoming picnic in 2010 and made it an official annual event in 2012.

The week started out on Monday when alumni went back down memory lane via Facebook loading old school photos memories.

Tuesday was Taco Tuesday where everyone gathered at the Mexican restaurant in LaFayette for Taco Tuesday. Wednesday, was Wild Out Wednesday, where participantsmet at Good Times in Auburn for some bowling, food, and fun!

Thursday came down to Fire it up Thursday. This was the day of the homecoming parade and the annual bonfire that’s hosted every year by Steven Bledsoe.

And on Friday it was football under the lights at the Bulldogs stadium. Tailgating with food, music & fireworks is always in order before a good football game, particularly when you come out with the homecoming victory and you get to see your homecoming queen and king being crowned. And the alumni band joined in with the mighty marching Bulldogs for the halftime show.

After the game the hosting class 93 hosted a 70’s and 90’s affair party and other alumni classes also had parties to choose from according to age.

Saturday morning the alumni picnic started off early with tents and grills everywhere!!! Smoke in the air everywhere! The smell of fish & BBQ everywhere!!!
Music bumping everywhere!!! Literally!

The day started off with open prayer, getting everything in order. Drones flew high capturing the big event. Kids were running around playing enjoying each other and making Bulldog childhood memories. They enjoyed the Game Truck, Merry-Go-Round, Bouncers, eating cotton candy & drinking cold slushes.

Oh and the adults were well entertained throughout the entire day as well with an open live concert from 3 alumni local artists, Hasan Green (Sang Green) Tequarri Whitlow (YKKing) and Delina Kyles(song bird) provided the entertainment.

A memorial service was held with the release of balloons for alumni loved ones that had transitioned.

The day ended and people parted their way to WestPoint Ga to the Purge restaurant. This spot was reserved for the LHS alumni only and was closed to the public.

Sunday morning everyone was invited to the church of their choice. And that evening to close out the alumni homecoming festivities many made their way to the Avondale baseball field for a kickball tournament.

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