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Candidates for local offices announced

By Pat Maurer

The filing date is past and the Clare County Clerk Lori Mott (R), Treasurer Jenny Beemer-Fritzinger (R) and Sheriff John S. Wilson (R) are all unopposed on the August 6 Primary ballot.
Michelle Ambrozaitis has announced her candidacy in November for the six-year term of retiring Circuit Court Judge Roy Mienk, leaving her Prosecuting Attorney seat up for grabs. Republicans Tom Evans and Andrew J. Santini are on the August 6 primary ballot for the four-year term as prosecutor.
The Clare County Drain Commission, vacated by the death of former Drain Commissioner Carl Parks, has been filled in the interim by Republican William Faber. Faber is now running for the four-year term against Republican Brian C. Coon in August.
On the County Commission, two Republicans are vying for the 2nd District seat with Anthony Argenta challenging long-time incumbent Dale Majewski.
Jacob Gross is challenging Samantha Pitchford on the Republican Primary ballot for her District 3 seat on the board.
In the 6th District Republican Jack Kleinhardt is being challenged by another Republican, Mick Haley in August.
There is another challenge between Republicans for the 7th District seat, currently held by Gabe Ambrozaitis, who is being challenged by Larry S. Szyska.
Other Commissioners: Marlene Housler in District 1, David Hoefling in District 5, George Gilmore in District 8 and Rickie Fancon in District 9 are all unopposed on the Republican primary ballot.
All seats are good for the next four years.
The two six-year terms on the Clare County Road Commission are not being challenged in the Primary. They are Karen Hulliberger and Bill Simpson, both Republicans.
Four candidates are on the November ballot for three seats on the Clare City Commission. Incumbents who are running for reelection are Bob Bonham, Carolyn (Gus) Murphy and Maegan Jenkins. The challenger for a seat will be Karl Hauser (Clare County Veteran’s Director).
A four-year term for Supervisor is on the Republican primary ballot in Arthur Township. Incumbent Matthew Bednorek is being challenged for his seat by Emil Myers. Republican Janice LaRose is running for another four-year term as Arthur Townhip Clerk, and Anna Sharp(R) is seeking reelection as the Treasurer for another four years. Republican Trustees unopposed on the August ballot are Joy Kleinhart and Jerry Willford.
One candidate is listed in Greenwood Township is unopposed Republican Supervisor Jess McClaughry.
In Franklin Township, Republican Sandy Scherrer is the only candidate for Treasurer, but there are two unopposed for each of two Trustee seats. Both Democrat Therese R. Haley and Republican Jacqueline M. Ecklin will be on the November ballot.
Freeman Township Supervisor Donald R. Mann (R) is the only name on the Republican Primary Ballot as is Cindy LaFave (R) who is seeking a term as Clerk. Three Republicans are listed for Trustee positions, but only two seats are available. Candidates include Robert Eckardt, Gary C. Maas and Sheyla Young.
In Frost Township, Republican Marion Coon is the only name on the ballot for Supervisor, Joan M. Rattray is on the ballot for Clerk and Janet Spencer (R) is the only one running for Treasurer. And, just two are running for two four-year terms on that board. They are Republicans Virginia Hogan and Mike Sporer.
In Garfield Township it looks like Supervisor David Lee Byl (R) will serve another term on the board. The same applies to Robin A. Yarhouse (R) as the Township Treasurer. Democrat Denise K. Hicks is the only one running for Clerk. Two Trustee terms, four years each, will be filled by Republicans James Lard and Lisa K. Roland.
Grant Township’s long-time Supervisor Dan Dysinger (R) is retiring this year, but the only one looking to fill his shoes is John Lake who is unopposed on the Republican Primary, and probably on the November ballot as well.
Clerk Tammy Teall (R) is seeking another four-year term, but long-time Township Treasurer Tammy Shea is also retiring. The name on the Republican Primary ballot to replace her is Brendan Gregory. Two seats are open on the board – three Republicans are running to fill them. Candidates include Incumbent Linda Gilmore, David Isaac and Mark Shea.
Greenwood Township Clerk Rachel Mackson (R) is unopposed in the Primary for a four-year term, but three are seeking two seats on that board, Republicans Bronwyn Hawks-Asplund, Gail Garrity, and Chester Mast.
There’s some Republican competition for the four-year term as Hamilton Township Supervisor. Republicans Keith Rolph and Gerald Tom Vaugh are seeking a slot in November to face challenger Randy Stanifer.
Republican Andrea Wallace is seeking a four-year term as Clerk and Denise Goodenow (R) is looking for four years as Hamilton Township Treasurer. Republicans Michael Conway and Mike Iutzi are on the ballot to fill two four-year Trustee terms.
In Hatton Township, William L. Hileman (R) is seeking the four-year term as Supervisor, Linda K McClain (R) is the single name on the ballot for Clerk, and Molly Humphrey(R) is looking to fill the Treasurer’s seat for four years. Two names on the Primary Ballots – Democrat William F. Guiette and Republican Nathanael C. Farrell are going to be Hatton Township Trustees for the next four years.
The Hayes Township Republican primary ballot won’t change the November election much. Brendan C. Powell is the only name for four-years as Township Supervisor, Debra Hoyt is the only name for Clerk, and Savannah Cavanaugh is the only name for Treasurer. The only question will be which two of the three Republican contenders for trustee seats will be on the board after the primary. They are Robert Buckley, JJ Martin and Rob McKay.
Lincoln Township’s Supervisor will be no surprise. Dennis Zimmerman (R) is the only name on the ballot. Democrat Carol L. Majewski is the single choice for Township Clerk and Democrat Maggie Carey is the only choice for Treasurer. The two Trustee seats on the board are contested by three Republicans: Carol Holmes Hassberger, Jeff Simons and Mike Tobin. That race will be decided in August.
Redding Township has no candidates on the ballot, but there is a four-year term for the Clerk available.
No surprises are in store for Sheridan Township. Republican Raquel Brown is the only candidate for a four-year term as Clerk; Jennifer Magnus (R) is the single choice for Treasurer and James Eberhart and Brian J. Tomaski, both Republicans, will fill the two Trustee positions available.
The same holds true for the next four years for Summerfield Township Supervisor Daniel Wilhelm (R); Township Clerk Jaclyn Hall (R); and Treasurer Sherilene Levy (R). Voters will have a choice for Trustees. The two four-year terms are sought by Republicans Scott Losey, Mike Romatz and Dean Smith.
There is a choice for Surrey Township Supervisor. The four-year term is being sought by Republicans Shawn W. Burger, Michael Coon and Rod Williams.
Democrat Glenna Bradbury is the only one running for four-years as Surrey Clerk and Mindy Campbell(R) is seeking the Four-year term as Treasurer.
Republican Kenneth Pitchford is the only one running for a Surrey Township Trustee seat, although two seats are open.
In Winterfield Township, David Bondie (R) is the only candidate for Supervisor; Shelly R. Laughlin (R) is the only one running for Clerk and Linda R. Peterson (R) is looking for four years as Treasurer. Two Republicans, Frederick R. Prielipp and Carl Traynor are running for a single seat as a Trustee on Winterfield Township.

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