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Closure of Marion Village Market still dominates conversation in the area

Spring is here as Frosty Freeze opens!

By Genine Hopkins

Marion and surrounding townships are still numb from the closure of their only supermarket, Marion Village Market, a couple of weeks ago, and conversations are still buzzing about the fate of the empty store.
As reported last in the Review, the rumors of a purchase by Roger’s Market was unfortunately premature, and although Roger’s representatives have stated they are potentially interested in the site for a future purpose, no offer is currently in the works.
Dollar General does have some fresh produce and of course their regular canned and boxed goods, the community truly misses the grocery store, and as Marion Area District Library Director Sarah Generoux-Maddox told the Review, “We still have people calling us asking us what is going on with their grocery store.”
St. Agnes’ Family Circle Group and the VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary are meeting on Thursday, May 9, to discuss costs and pricing for the return of the monthly breakfast buffet at the VFW Hall, after receiving the blessing and approval of the VFW board. With a target first breakfast of July 7, there are fine details that still need to be made.
Frosty Freeze is now open and will also be serving food in addition to sweet treats. Owner Carol Switalski is excited to offer meals, especially since the local diners both close early most days. Frosty Freeze is also donating coupons for free cones to St. Agnes, for all those mothers who attend church services at this Sunday’s mass. Switalski has been a member of St. Agnes and always done much to support her fellow parishioners!

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