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Crowds gather on riverfront to enjoy festivities

By Leslie Ballard

The July 3 Jubilee was quite a success judging by the crowds swarming the riverfront to enjoy the music, visit the food trucks and vendors, take advantage of the social district, and enjoy the zip line and splash pad.
“This is our first time, and we’re really enjoying the food, music and all this,” said Allegan resident Tami Kas, pointing to the shaded boardwalk and crowds. “I’m impressed with how good these buildings look now.”
Sam and Shawn Burkhead from Allegan were pleased with the event. “There’s a lot going on, and it’s fun to see people we haven’t seen for awhile.”
The Jubilee drew its audience from surrounding communities as well.
“Some friends invited me over, and I’m really enjoying the atmosphere, the music, and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. That’s good to see,” said Craig who lives in Holland. Musicians were performing at both the Gazebo and Riverfront Stage.
Hearing about it online, Andrea Tropea from Barry and her friend from Wayland came primarily because of the fireworks but were happy to see all the other activities.
“An Otsego resident was enjoying some people watching along Brady Street. “I came to see what was happening,” he said. “They have lots of stuff for kids, and it’s a beautiful day.”

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