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Disinformation board needs to be scrapped

Say what?
I was aghast when I heard President Biden had created the “Disinformation Government Board” in an effort to combat what he and his minions think is “disinformation.”
Like most Americans, I believe free speech is a God-given right protected by the United States Constitution. I, like everyone else ought to be able to say what I want, as long as its lawful and not subject to libel laws.
As it is, I have a profound distrust for the federal government. I believe they overreach into our lives dramatically more than they should. I also believe that they fail to be truthful to citizens quite often.
My father taught me there are two sides to every story, and just because someone disagrees with you, that doesn’t equate to disinformation. Our leaders and politicians need to understand there will always be a significant minority- sometimes majority who disagree with what we have to say. That does not mean we should attempt to shut them down.
But that is what radicals in both political parties are attempting to do. They have armed social media platforms, particularly Twitter, with the ability to ban (or shadow ban) those opinions that might not fit the government’s narrative.
And now they’ve taken it a step further by creating a dystopian disinformation bureau to contain free speech. I swear this was gleaned from George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, where the government usurps all power from the people who become willing subjects.
Sen. Josh Hawley, a conservative Republican from Missouri, said he originally thought the announcement was satire.
“Surely no American administration would ever use the power of government to sit in judgment on the First Amendment speech of its own citizens. Sadly I was mistaken,” Hawley wrote.
Biden selected Nina Janowicz to lead the disinformation effort. Instead of a middle-of-the-road well-known free speech advocate, Janowicz was selected as a progressive who regularly posts Tic Toc videos promoting left-leaning causes. Chances are the 30-something Democrat has no clue what objectivity is.
Many claim the dis-information board was put in place to combat Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Progressives are out-raged that Musk, who publicly has stated Twitter will be a bastion of free speech. That apparently scares the hundreds of progressives that have hi-jacked Twitter and made it a mostly liberal platform.
Maybe so, maybe not, but it’s hard to believe Americans, who treasure free speech are now partnering with the world’s richest man, in hopes that we will once again have it. The next few months will be a battle royale, as progressives attempt to discredit, and yes, hijack Musk’s efforts.
In the meantime, free speech advocates, must do everything in their power to see that this disinformation government board fizzles away. We are the free nation everyone looks up to. We do not want to follow in the footsteps of Communist China, Russia or North Korea, where free speech is a thing of the past or never existed.
Squelch the disinformation board now. It’s a bad idea.

One Reply to “Disinformation board needs to be scrapped

  1. Disinformation includes the false claim that trump won the 2020 election, the Jan. 6 attack on congress was just an expression of free speech, the comments that Putin has the right to invade and destroy Ukraine, the constant refrain that the elections were rigged even though they were certified by election officials in all states, that bamboo was inserted in some ballots, and that there was double voting by
    democrats when the truth was republicans voted for their dead mothers and a high trump official registered to vote in 3 states. Disinformation does not mean that rational differences are disallowed, only that blatant lies need to be exposed.

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