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Election results announced

By Gari Voss

The Primary Election on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 established the Republican and Democrat candidates who will vie for seats on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. This Primary was extremely important for Republican candidates because so many of the races had Republicans competing to represent the GOP.
At the State level, senator and representative races will present stiff competition between the two primary parties. Many Local races will find candidates running unopposed. No matter whether challenged, or not, voters need to pay attention to issues and how the candidates align.
The following are unofficial tallies. Allegan County Clerk Bob Genetski shared that the Board of Canvassers is completing the review of the returns. Thus far, few changes have been made, and most of those are in the “Unresolved Write-In” candidates category.
Any candidate may find opposition from individuals who choose to mount write-in campaigns.
A recap on who will vie against whom…
Federal Races…
Representative in Congress 4th District: Republican Bill Huizenga (18,353) ran unopposed while Democrats tallied 2,577 Unresolved Write-In candidates.
State Races…
Governor: Incumbent Democrat Gretchen Whitmer (7,738) will run against Republican Tudor Dix (7,109) who handily beat Ryan Kelly (3,065), Ralph Rebandt (886) and Kevin Rinke (3,220) while slipping past Garrett Soldano (6,033).
State Senator 18th District: Democrat Kai DeGraaf (2,407) will run against current Republican Representative (Dist. 86) Thomas Albert (3,884) who out tallied Ryan Mancinelli (1,920).
State Senator 20th District: Democrat Kim Jorgensen Gane (3,695) will battle incumbent (Dist. 26) Republican Aric Nesbitt (6,215) who beat Kaleb Hudson (1,169) and Austin Kreutz (2,442).
State Senator 31st District: Democrat Kim Nagy (1,108) vies against incumbent (Dist. 30) Republican Roger Victory (1,957) who snuck by Brian VanDussen (1,324).
State Representative 38th District: Democrat Annie Brown (985), who squeaked past Joey Andrews (819), will run against Republican Kevin Whiteford (973) who handily beat George Lucas (314) and Troy Rolling (182).
State Representative 39th District: Democrat Jared Polonowski (543) will vie against Republican Incumbent (Dist. 79) Pauline Wendzel (737) who out distanced Matt Milson (489).
State Representative 42nd District: Democrat Justin Mendoza (1,153) will oppose Republican Incumbent (Dist. 63) Matt Hall (1,190) who out distance opponent Gary Mitchell (557).
State Representative 43rd District: Democrat Mark Ludwig (2,571) will run against Republican Rachelle Smit (5,726) who won the contested race against Nevin Cooper-Keel (346), Phillip Joseph (1,267), and Lindsay Kronemeyer (3,672).
State Representative 79th District: Democrat Kimberly Kennedy-Barrington (223) will oppose Republican Angela Rigas (908) who easily won against Ryan Gallogly (140) and Jeremiah Keeler (394).
State Representative 86th District: Democrat Larry Jackson (1,011) will run against Republican Nancy DeBoer (1,961) who more than doubled Seth Getz’s (877) votes.
County Races…
County Commissioner 1st District: Republican Incumbent (Dist. 2) Jim Storey (3,181) out distanced Ron Walters (1,731) and will run unopposed.
County Commissioner 2nd District: Republican Incumbent (Dist. 4) Mark DeYoung (3,969) ran unopposed and will be unopposed in November.
County Commissioner 3rd District: Republican Incumbent (Dist. 1) Dean Kapenga out distanced Incumbent (Dist. 5) Republican Tom Jessup (908). Kapenga will run against Democrat Don Doggendorf (2,163) in November.
County Commissioner 4th District: Republican Newcomer Scott Beltman (1,844) out maneuvered Incumbent (Dist. 3) Max Thiele (971) and Stephen Young (800). He will run unopposed.
County Commissioner 5th District: Republican Incumbent (Dist. 6) Gale Dugan (2,727) ran unopposed. Dugan will run against Democrat Austin Marsman (1,520).
Township Races…
Clyde Township Clerk: Republican Pam Onken (215) ran unopposed and has no Democratic opposition.
Dorr Township Treasurer: Republican Laurie Perry (1,394) ran unopposed and has no opposition in November.
Dorr Township Park Commissioner: Republican Tim Weber (1,424) ran unopposed and will do the same in November.
Laketown Township Park Commissioner: Republican Jeremy Van Hoven (1,198) ran unopposed with no Democrat opponent in November.
Manlius Township Clerk: Republican Troy Thompson (510) ran unopposed and has no opposition in November.
Saugatuck Township Park Commissioner: Republicans had 18 unresolved write-in votes. Democrat Jane Dickie (608) will run unopposed.
Watson Township Trustee: Republican John Caras (318) ran unopposed and has no Democratic opposition.

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