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Grant Township Hall and parking lot projects are completed

Grant Township Hall parking lot before renovation/expansion.
Grant Township Hall after expansion/renovation. Courtesy photos

By Pat Maurer

At the regular meeting June 11, the Grant Township Board approved the close out payment of $192,783.44 to MDL Construction of Bay City for the parking lot project at the township hall. The total parking lot project cost was $247,783.55, Supervisor Dan Dysinger said, including the changes and credits. It was funded by the Township’s General Fund.
The building renovations and addition were funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant that was awarded in 2021, and that funding totaling $324,000 paid for the construction of a 1,500 square foot addition on the west side of the original building.
Dysinger said, “The old parking lot featured 40 paved spaces while the new enlarged parking lot has 70 parking spaces.”
Dysinger added in his memo to the board, “As we all know the parking lot improvements are wonderful. MDL’s oversight on this project was excellent. There is just one thing left to do and that deals with making edges of the parking lot a safer transition.
After the meeting, he said that has now been completed thanks to Architect Chris Penny of CJP Architecture, who drafted a memo clarifying what MDL needed to do.” He said, I recommend paying the invoice to close out the project. All the subcontractors came together and we ended up with a good product on time.”
Also at the meeting, the Board also approved invoices for furniture, new tables and chairs at $18,323.71 to Great Lakes Furniture – Art Nolt. The furnishing for the interior of the new building (offices) is now complete except for the purchase and set up of new computers, which will be purchased from Laser Connection.
In other matters:
Drain Commissioner Bill Faber appeared before the Board and reported on maintenance of the Little Tobacco Drain.  He also reported on maintenance of the Jordan Drain on the south side of the Clare Municipal Airport on Washington Road. 
Supervisor Dysinger asked that in the future an engineering revision should be made for the Jordan Drain. 
Apportionment for the Jordon Drain should be reevaluated. Dysinger indicated that review of the Drain District for proper apportionments and lowering the Township’s share — the ‘assessment at large’ percentage and increasing the City’s share should be done.  The City of Clare assessment at large should be increased since the largest benefactor is the City through the Airport property.  The drainage from the Airport property has caused flooding issues in the past for property owners on the north side of Washington Road.  Every two to five years the drain should require maintenance.”
The Supervisor reported, “Work has started on the Coolidge Road Project.  The project is about 1/3 mile of gravel improvements from Surrey Road to Weaver Road.  Tree cutting and brush removal is nearly complete.  There is utility work to be done.
The CCRC estimate is $74,268.89, the Road Commission funds one half ($37,134.45) with Surrey Township and Grant each funding the other half equally at $18,567.23.  Coolidge Road. Is a border road for Grant and Surrey Townships.”
Another item of business at the meeting was a report to the board about the acceptance of the Grant to remove the old mobile home on the northern most property purchased by the Township.  This property is directly north of the old “Grant Township Dump” in section 18.
In his memo to the board, Dysinger said, “I was informed by County Treasurer Jenny Beemer Fritzinger that our Land Bank Grant (approximately or more than $30,000) has been approved. There are some details I must get I order and some other items that need to be addressed. I spoke to Consumers Energy, and they will disconnect the power from the transformer to the power pole at the mobile home. That is out about four or five weeks and there is no charge. Consumers will remove the power from the parcel all the way back to Harrison Avenue for $2,100. I’m hoping the Grant can cover this [expense]. Also, we should be reminded that the Township can never sell these two parcels, which were obtained via PA 123.”
Another item on Dysinger’s “to-do list” before his term ends and a new Supervisor takes over, was the development of a resolution to protect the “old dump” property. He said, “Originally, a deed restriction was thought to be able to do this. The future Township Boards could circumvent this by merely eliminating the restrictions on the deed.” He continued, “I believe it is better to create a resolution which outlines the steps a future Board would be required to do if they foolishly tried to sell it [the property]. My thoughts are stipulations where there would be requirements such as: notifying surrounding property owners by post card, notifications of public hearings, etc. In 20 to 30 years that generation would not realize what the property was used for and [the Township’s] future ramifications of liability. Remember, the Township will never shed liability.” He added, The Boards in the future must monitor the Grant 1-18 oil/gas well, monitor progress on “orphan well plugging” of the Coyne #1 oil/gas well. The Township owns the majority of mineral rights and in the future should never again sign another lease agreement as the Board did in 1986.” He added, “I also need to update the timelines for the 150 acres.”
In other business:
*The Board approved Treasurer Tammy Shea’s recommendation to renew a CD at Isabella Bank in the amount of   $206, 858.68 for 12 months at 5%.
*Dysinger said the Clare County Road Commission has installed a new sign pole for Truck Routes and Weight Limits near the corner of Grant Road and Ann Arbor Trail. “The area in front of the stockyards [on Grant] is an unrestricted route due to heavier trucks coming in. The signs will be recoated when I have a chance to do so,” Dysinger said.
*Approval was given to pay bills totaling $235,223.12. (includes parking lot and furnishing for the renovations and addition to the Township Hall).

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