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Grant Twp reviews budget, approves road contract

By Pat Maurer

In his notes about the Grant Township meeting April 9th, Supervisor Dan Dysinger Jr. said, There was only a brief discussion regarding the budget which was adopted in March.  It is the largest budget ever for Grant Township.”
He said, “While this budget represents the largest ever adopted by the Township, there is a lot of expenditures.  We will have a new larger parking lot, a lot of road work (construction, preventative maintenance) and furnishings for our new offices.  Rubbish assessments this year will increase to $155 from $144.  The Township has absorbed the increased cost the past 2 or 3 years, that will end.    Everything will cost more; we are all victims of inflation.”
On March 20th, after a Public Hearing, the Township Board adopted a budget totaling $1,292,200 in revenues and in expenses. The previous year’s total was $1,024,087.62. The budget was balanced with $327,780 in cashed in CD’s (from the Township’s fund balance) added to revenues of $964,420.00, which balanced the budget for the coming year.
The fiscal year for Grant Township funs from April 1 to March 31.
Some increases in the expenditures for the coming year include the cost of renovating the township hall’s parking lot, which increased the township hall expenditures from $22,632.15 for 2023-’24 to a proposed $315,000.00 (the parking lot renovation is budgeted at $250,000).
The other expenses in the township hall budget included furnishings for the new offices (budgeted at $38,000) and repair and maintenance supplies totaling a projected cost of $3,871.76.
The coming year’s road plan also added to the proposed expenses with a proposed budget of $370,000. Actual cost for 2023-34 was $210,045.59.
Under the contract with the Clare County Road Commission for 2024 projects (reviewed and signed by Grant Township officials at the April 9th meeting), the CCRC has estimated the total cost for Crack, Chip and Fog projects. The work proposed for gravel roads was approved earlier.
Chip and Seal projected projects and costs are:
Kapplinger Subdivisions (Meadow Lane, Gravel Ridge, Middle Drive and Creek View Drive) project estimate is $55,000 with a CCRC match of $40,000 and a local cost of $15,000.
Grant Avenue from Beaverton to Dover Road – estimate and local cost – $44,400.
Dover Road from Grant to Clare Avenue – estimated and local cost – $43,600.
Colonville Road from Grant to Clare Avenue – estimated and local cost – $42,600.
According to the Contract, “The Road Commission will provide engineering, prepare the roadbed with crack seal for Chip Sealing and oversee the contractor.”
The contract stipulates that the total “not to exceed” amount is $145,600, but changes in cost (increases) of up to ten (10) percent above the not to exceed number. Costs that increase more than 10 percent will either be paid by the CCRC, or they can reduce the scope or make alterations to the project.
Supervisor Dan Dysinger Jr. said, “The Board approved the contract for Crack and Chip seals on the Meadow and Creekside Subdivisions off Kapplinger, Grant Ave. between Beaverton Rd. and Dover Rd., Colonville Rd. between Grant Rd. and S. Clare Ave., and Dover Rd. between S. Clare Ave. and Grant Rd.  The contract totals $145,600, that is below the proposed budgeted amounts.”
He continued, “ To recap other work already agreed to; Coolidge Ave. from Surrey Rd. north to Weaver Rd. (gravel/ditching project).  Primary Rd. repaving on Colonville between Eberhart Ave. to Cornwell Ave. (1 mile of HMA) 
Dysinger added, “All indications are that the CCRC will improve and pave Harrison Ave. between Maple Rd. to the County Line.  This is a primary roadway and currently gravel.  The preliminary road work budget for 2025 and 2026 combined is estimated at nearly $1 million.”
In another matter, the Board approved the changes to the “Building Inspector”, Eric Cottons’ contract.  The change included adding language more specifically describing the job responsibilities.  
The Board also approved the employment contract for Assessor Zach VanWormer.  The contract is necessary due to requirements of the State Tax Commission and U.S. Department of Treasury.  
An added agenda item addressed a change order request by the Township to replace the driveway culvert and repave this area which was not included in the original bid, about 1200 sq. ft. of work.  The change order was approved for $8,983.55.  The original contract was $242,500 and is now $251,483.55.  MDL from Bay City is the Contractor.  The parking lot replacement is scheduled for April 22 to May 26.  Alternate temporary parking will be on the grassy area north of the Hall on Surrey Rd.
Dysinger said Board members also “approved bills totaling $276,288.89 which included the annual payment of $137,133.11 to the City of Clare for the Township share of operating the Fire Department, a prepayment to MDL, $55,000.00 and the quarterly payment $60,661.80 to GFL Environmental for rubbish service.”  

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