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  1. I’m appalled that The Commercial Record chose to feature this photograph of a 4th of July weekend that saw yet another tragic mass shooting. Parrots or not, this a horrifying look for Saugatuck-Douglas community. Please issue an apology for this lapse in judgment.

      1. Birds were fine. Should have cropped out the assault rifle. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. I totally agree with you. That was disgusting that a picture of assault rifles was front page picture. So insensitive!

      1. Seriously, sometimes wonder how we ever survive as a free society when someone’s shirt hurts someone else’s little feelings. Not ashamed of myself whatsoever. We celebrated the 4th with great people in a great town which we enjoy.
        There are alot of things I dont care for in life, but I don’t sob and cry about what someone wears or attempt to belittle them to make myself feel important

  2. It is more than a poor choice of a pro gun shirt. Commercial Record should provide an apology for putting this pic of different assault rifles that were used in July 4th shooting in IL In many areas of the U. S. this type of weapons and not allowed, why glorify and show such on your front page! Seven people lost their lives and many people were seriously injured including an eight year old boy who is now wheel chair bound. This was in Highland Park, IL three days prior to the publication of this front page pic. Poor taste Commercial Record, don’t you empathize with the murders by an assault rifle!

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