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July 3rd Jubilee brings thousands to Allegan Riverfront

The City of Allegan’s 2024 July 3rd Jubilee began with a parade that began at the Cutler St. parking lot and snaked through town to the Riverfront where the evening festivities would soon begin. Photo: Olivia Ott
Once a vantage point was selected, the sparse crowd found that the lines to the food vendors were short and easy to manage. Photo: G. Voss
Then the 2024 Fireworks Show began… Whether looking toward the the Second St. or M-89 Bridge, colorful lights filled the sky. Oohs and Ahhs came from the crowd. After 20 minutes of pops, booms, sizzles and lights, an eruption of applause brust forth thanking the City of Allegan for a fabulous evening on the Riverfront. Photos: left – Olivia Ott; Right – G. Voss

By Gari Voss

The 2024 July 3rd Jubilee in Allegan was definitely a successful extravaganza as it drew thousands for an evening of fun and excitement. The 5:30pm Parade began the celebration with the majority of the crowd staying to hang around the splash pad, listen to music, and visit vendors while the lines were short. Blankets and chairs marked where those who arrived early staked out their vantage points for the fireworks that would begin about 10:15pm.
By 8pm, the riverfront walkways began filling as the crowd thickened. Lines at vendors on the Riverfront and along Brady Street meant expecting to wait between 15 to 30 minutes before an order could be made. The tiers at Mahan Park and around the Riverfront Mainstage held those enjoying the music fares.
By 10pm, it was standing room only with people sitting or standing to get a view of the spectacular show that would soon begin. The crackles and booms, flashes of colorful lights, and different configurations began exploding across the sky. After a fabulous finale, the crowd erupted in applause.

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