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Letter to the Editor: More guns piece made no sense

To the editor,
It seems that a day can no longer go by that I don’t get angry about the “More Guns” opinion piece (by publisher’s son and IT support person Jordan Wilcox) that ran in The Commercial Record recently.
Oxford shows us the impact that just one more gun made in that community within days of its purchase. And then there were trained “good guys,” police in Los Angeles who accidentally killed a young girl. Sure, more guns would’ve been a big help there.
And it was trained good guys who shot and killed Breanna Taylor in error as other bullets passed through the wall into the adjacent apartment.
Today I read that a 3-year-old died from accidentally shooting herself.
I can just imagine the scene in the Aurora, Col. theatre in 2012 if more people had guns there. In the dark and confusion, how many adrenaline-filled good guys with guns would correctly figure out which one was the bad guy with a gun?
That same year, six people in New York were wounded by police who were in a gunfight with a single shooter.
In June of this year, a policeman shot and killed a good guy with a gun who had just killed the bad guy. 
Considering the difficulty that trained professionals have in shooting accurately and at the right target, how can it be sensible at all to think that more guns in the hands of more amateurs is likely to do anything positive?
James Cook
Saugatuck Township

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