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Letter to the Editor: Tyranny of the Minority

To the Editor:

Tyranny of the minority …
The conservative right-wing has never bought into the idea of a multicultural society …. that the birthright of all Americans is equal representation and protection under the law. Call them nationalists (mostly white), anti-immigration advocates, maybe even super-patriots. They didn’t like Abe Lincoln much and have built hundreds of statues celebrating the South’s Confederate “victory” decades after the South was defeated in our Civil War. Among many, there was no acceptance that slavery was the original sin of our new nation, preferring instead to believe that their “way of life” was threatened.
But the big question is why are these “conservatives”, often known as law and order types, so willing to abandon fundamental rights under our constitutional democracy? Why prevent their fellow citizens the right to vote, the most basic of constitutional guarantees?
As Americans of my generation (older, white, middle class), we’ve experienced mostly unlimited freedoms, and have seen the American experience open to more immigrants, women, people of color, and minorities of all types, the American melting pot, as most learned in the 3rd grade. The most vocal, of course, are not indigenous people but are descendants of immigrants themselves.
Those that invaded the U.S. Capitol obviously don’t agree. And judging by the assault rifles pictured on their banners, they mean business. In recent decades, we’ve had many right-wing groups whose sole purpose is to destroy our government. They have wide ranging grievances, as many do. But organized and heavily armed militia? Beyond this, and more dangerous, is their leadership; some inside government, military, and police, educated, even Ivy Leaguers … wanting citizens to join them to fight the administrative state, cancel culture, black history, women’s rights, etc.
140 Republican Representatives refused to acknowledge Biden’s win, yet not a single significant case of voter fraud was discovered. Unless we confront this Big Lie, it stands to destroy our democracy. These Republicans spent months (9 investigations) attacking Hilary Clinton over Benghazi, but refuse to investigate, or even acknowledge, the 6 January attack on the Capitol, choosing instead the Big Lie that the 2022 election was stolen. Even Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, veteran Air Force pilot, has stated these 140 Representatives know it’s a lie. It’s simply the path of least resistance in dealing with the militant wing of their party while clinging to power and the wealth it brings.
Should the majority, including non-political minded citizens, not stand up against the tyranny by this vocal minority and call out the Big Lie, our democracy will soon be lost to history. The shining beacon of Lady Liberty holding her torch of Freedom and Justice will no longer have meaning to those seeking a better life.

Jim Kauppi

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