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Letter to the Editor: United Way supports local nonprofit organizations

Dear Editor:
Happy New Year! As we all welcome the new year and strive to make improvements in our daily lives in multiple ways, we want to assure you that your United Way is also committed to be the very best we can be in 2022.
Your contributions have helped support over 20 different local nonprofit organizations in Clare and Gladwin Counties. This month we want to highlight one of those with you with our new “Agency Spotlight” where we will bring you information on local nonprofits that your United Way dollars help to support. 1016 Recovery Network is a support and recovery-based organization for those that struggle with addiction. Serving both Clare and Gladwin counties, 1016 provides education and rehabilitation surrounding drug and alcohol abuse, as well as life skills for healthy choices. With services available in the hospital emergency rooms, a long-term facility located in Midland, and day groups around the local communities, 1016 accommodates all individual needs. If you, or someone you know needs help, you may call 989-802-0742. 1016 does accept walk ins, however it is best to call ahead to make sure that a staff member is present.
When asking Sam Price, 1016 Executive Director, how they use United Way dollars within their organization Sam said, “Ten16 believes that the best way to promote long term healing and sustained recovery is through the power of community. We have a heavy emphasis on learning from others who are going through the same struggles. Ten16 can use the UW dollars that are generously given to us to ensure that anyone in the community can drop in and get the help they need.” This is wonderful news for those that lack resources or funding for counseling and therapy. Thanks to your local United Way and the many generous donors, anyone who finds that they may need addiction counseling may receive it. In our last question with Mr. Price from 1016 we asked him why having a United Way is important for the community.
Sam said, “The United Way does a great job of prioritizing the needs of the community and making sure that the local agencies are working in the same direction. They take the burden off our fundraising. The community volunteer allocation process makes sure that community dollars are spent wisely, and it provides a level of accountability back to the community to let you know how those dollars were invested in your friends and neighbors.” We want to thank Sam and all the 1016 Recovery Network staff for their continued efforts to help promote health and wellness within Clare and Gladwin Counties.
The support and funding of 1016 Recovery Network and all local United Way agencies is governed by a United Way board of directors which is composed of your local peers. We are proud to introduce one of the newest members of that board, Jon-Paul Jones. As a Saint Gobain multi-site manager for the past 2.5 years; JP brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our United Way board having had a background in Army National Guard, having worked for General Motors for 15 years, and now to be working with one of our towns most prestigious companies, we feel so fortunate that JP has chosen to represent the town of Beaverton and Gladwin County overall.
When we sat down with JP and asked him what he hopes to achieve as he sits on our board of directors he stated, “As a leader at Saint-Gobain, I try to be a positive influence on our teams and motivate them to collaborate in ways that deliver the best possible outcomes for our company, our customers, and the community. I intend to bring a similar mindset to the role with United Way. Both organizations have great reputations and deep ties in our area, so my goal is to leverage our collective strengths and bring people together to continue to make a difference where we live and work.” In JP’s closing thoughts he wants the readers of this article to keep in mind how you too can make a difference saying, “As Americans we know how important it is to band together in support of our families, community and country.  The United Way offers direction and an easy avenue to provide that support to those in need in our community.  It’s my little piece of organized support.”
If you would like to band together in support of our families, community, and country, you can do so by donating online at or mailing your donation to P.O. Box 116 Clare, MI 48617. You may also visit our website or call our office if you would like more information at 989-426-9225 or 989-386-6015.

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