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Mike’s Musings: Homeless woman found in sign, RFK’s brain eaten by worm

I thought I’d take time out from writing about politics to offer a few weird, or absurd items that appeared in the news last week. It seems some news stories are getting weirder and weirder as weeks and months go by.
For instance one of the most outrageous stories of the week happened just a few miles from our Clare MI newspaper. Apparently police found a homeless woman living inside a grocery store sign.
The sign, fixed atop a Family Fare grocery store, was set up with flooring, a mini desk, printer, computer, coffee machine, food and clothing. It’s unclear how the 34-year-woman decided to make this her new home, or even how she got up and down from the rooftop.
The sign is 15 feet long and about 8 feet tall, with a dept of 5 feet. The makeshift home and its resident were discovered when contractors looking to repair an air conditioning unit saw an extension cord running from the sign. When they opened the side panel to the sign, there was the woman, who left without incident.
She did say she had been living there for about a year, even through the cold winter months. Police officers, who escorted her out, offered to provide her homeless services resources, but she refused.
THEN there’s the story about Robert F Kennedy, Jr, claiming a worm “got into my brain and ate a portion of it.” It was all over the news this weekend and I wonder how this will affect his candidacy for president.
This happened around 2010, and at the same time he said he was suffering from mercury poisoning. The worm and the mercury were responsible for memory loss, brain fogginess, a loss of peripheral vision and muscle weakness that affected his hearing and speech,
He said the worm didn’t require treatment, that it eventually went away. He now says he is in robust physical and mental health and has no lingering effects from the worm or mercury. It is suspected that the worm contracted while on a trip abroad.
TALK ABOUT derailing political ambitions, we also heard about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s revelation in her new book about shooting the family’s dog because it was getting too aggressive. Noem, who was thought to be a potential vice-president candidate for Donald Trump was lambasted by a trove of social influencers and TV commentators for gunning down her dog. It was so bad; she cancelled her book tour.
One must wonder why she felt it necessary to reveal the shooting in her book. One also must wonder why the publisher didn’t take it out. It’s there now, and unfortunately for Noem, her political career has taken a huge hit.
AND THEN there was the truckload of 15 million honeybees that overturned on a freeway short of their destination to blueberry fields where they are used to pollinate the crops. First responders didn’t realize the cargo was honeybees until they slid down an embankment to check for leaking fluids.
There honeybee swarms stung several of the responders several times before a beekeeper was summoned to corral the angry bees. Most of them were caught, and a tow truck pulled the cargo truck upright so it could continue on its way.

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  1. JFK only candidate to have conversations regarding the ongoing weather modification programs. Put the documentary ” The Dimming ” on his children’s health defense web site. I’ll take an honest guy with a brain worm over corp hacks suffering from willful ignorance.

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