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Mike’s Musings: Is government benefiting from war

Unlike many of us, I have a healthy distrust towards government and the media. I never ever believe what they tell us, without researching the issue or edict thoroughly. COVID in my opinion, was one of those issues that didn’t add up. The vaccine and mask mandates were ridiculous and as quickly as the were instituted they are now gone.

So now we are being bombarded 24/7 with images of the Russians invading Ukraine. The atrocities have created a degree of empathy for the Ukrainian people, that is unparalleled in history. We want so badly to go over their and kick the Russians a_ _.

But wait. Something in my gut tells me there is more to the story than we are being told. My intuition tells me that all the news and heart-string pulling images emanating from Ukraine have a two-fold purpose.

The neo-cons in Washington D.C., and they permeate throughout our establishment, have never been involved in a war they didn’t like. They salivate at the opportunity to fire-up the war machine, as more dollars line their pockets, because after all war costs money, and much of that money goes to the neo- cons.

Despite all the naysaying from our administration and legislature, I can’t help but think, particularly after the sympathetic news coverage on behalf of Ukraine, that a no-fly zone is in our future. I hope I’m wrong. Prohibiting Russian planes from flying might result in an escalated war in which the U.S. would be forced to place “boots on the ground” in Ukraine.

Escalating the war makes no sense. I am as emphatic as the nice guy for the people of Ukraine. I believe we should be sending weaponry and continuing to sanction the hell out of Russia. What Putin has done is inhumane and I pray he is not successful in his attempt to occupy Ukraine. However, I do not believe we should involve ourselves more than we are.

You can bet China is salivating over this war. They see it weakening Russia because of all the manpower and equipment they have had to send to Ukraine. They see the U.S. sending equipment and money, and if we escalate our involvement, it will provide China an opportunity to invade Taiwan. While we are preoccupied with Putin and Ukraine, China is considering their own expansionist agenda.

The second agenda is this war has taken away from the emphasis on this administration’s domestic policy, which quite frankly, is not very popular with the majority of citizens. No more do news outlets devote scores of print or time to COVID. Its all but disappeared. No longer is inflation or crime a big deal. For the last two weeks Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been front and center to the point very little else is talked or written about.

Focusing on war and not inflation gives the current administration a reprieve from constituent criticism. In this day and age where what happened yesterday is essentially forgotten, war has accomplished what no domestic policy change could do. Inflation and crime are no longer an issue. War has trumped all domestic issues.

I reiterate. I am not absolving Putin of any blame. His act of aggression is despicable and I pray nightly for the Ukrainian people. But I can’t help but wonder if government and mass media has had a hand in perpetuating this mess. The benefits are clear.

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