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Mike’s Musings: Make peace with Russia, align against China

Don’t condemn me before I lay out my logic. Don’t call me a Putin lover or a Russian agent, I’m neither, but do have an opinion that differs from many in power these days.
I’m not concerned with Russia. I don’t think they can move troops elsewhere. They are bogged down fighting Ukraine, and although most say they are winning, it is taking a terrible toll on their fighting forces.
I’m not concerned that fearmongers are going ballistic over the photos that show a Russian submarine and a few other Russian ships in the Havana harbor. This happens every so often as the Russians like to impress their ally, Cuba, of the firepower their protectors (the Russian navy) have.
I look at another powerhouse as our true enemy. China, through economic and technological means, have made a great deal of friends in Africa and South America. And as of late they are doing the same with Russia. They aren’t directly involved in the war in Ukraine, but they are supplying weaponry and technological knowhow. In return the are buying Russian oil, massive numbers of barrels weekly, thus keeping the Russian economy strong despite U.S. sanctions.
Thus China and Russia have formed a formidable alliance, that if World War lll were to breakout, they would be tough to beat. Russia for instance, has more nukes, than anyone in the world, and China’s ground forces- let us just say they are far greater in number than U.S. and NATO combined.
Here’s what I suggest. We end the war in Ukraine and pull Russia from China. Sound difficult? Maybe so but hear me out. As long as we supply money and weapons to Ukraine there is no incentive for them to stop fighting. The first step is to stop the endless supply of money and weapons. Simultaneously we confer with Russia to stop fighting with promise we can be a better partner, end the sanctions, and down the road offer them NATO membership.
Admittedly Russia is not the democracy or republic we like to align ourselves with. They are not Japan, or Germany. They are a tightly controlled country run buy a ruler who will do whatever to his enemies to stay in power. Doesn’t that sound like our good friends- Saudi Arabia? We align ourselves with all types of governments. Heck Ukraine was labeled the second most corrupt country in the world just a few years ago.
So, we need to get over our fear that Russia is the big bad boogeyman. They are not. If you look into their eyes, they believe we are being aggressive by annexing countries that border them to NATO. Just 70 years ago we fought side-by-side in World War ll to destroy the Germans. We have a lot in common, and if we can align with them, it would keep China at bay. If not I fear Taiwan will be targeted in the near future and China will continue to expand its reach in Africa and South America. If that happens we will be doomed.

2 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Make peace with Russia, align against China

  1. So you’re jumping on the China bandwagon? Putin is as evil a dictator as you will find anywhere in the world. There is no making peace. Russia has been interfering in our elections for too long. Their long game is to continue to annex pieces of other European countries. You are a traitor of the highest order. This is the kind of crap I expect to hear from Tucker Carlson or Steve Bannon.

  2. What kind of bastards Americans are, after all. Russia deceived us once, they hope to do it again

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