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Mike’s Musings: Nothing new about college students protesting

What goes around, always comes around again.
I remember the early 1970’s when college students as well as others took to the streets of campuses and cities to protest what they thought was an unjust Viet Nam War. It was a time of social unrest, mostly led by college professors and students who waged protests and sit-ins at colleges all over the country.
Back then the protests spilled over to the Democratic Presidential Convention, which was held in Chicago. Viet Nam protestors and Black Panther members congregated outside the convention center daily to protest their cause. Could it be déjà vu this year when once again the Democratic Convention is being held in Chicago?
Here it is many years later, and Ivy League colleges are waging protests and marches against what they think is an unjust Israel killing Gazans by the thousands. As before, the older generation and many government officials are aghast at the youngsters chanting outrageous slogans and agitating law enforcement. How dare they, many would say.
Like many, I do believe there is a great deal of difference between the Viet Nam War and Israel’s so-called occupation of Gaza. We lost thousands of brave soldiers in fighting the Viet Cong, and all for naught. History has shown we should never have been involved in this war. Shame on our government warmongers for engaging. It was not our fight, and much like in Afghanistan we exited quickly with out tail between our legs.
Israel is not the same. How soon we forget Hamas’s brutal attack on innocent Israelis attending a concert and brutally killing over a thousand. How soon we forget they are still holding over hundred hostages, a few being American. Israel has a right to strike back. And as our #1 ally, we must come to their defense, not with soldiers, but with weapons and ammunition.
Likewise, college students have a right to protest, although it would be nice to know that many of them knew what they were protesting. How any of them can support Hamas, a terrorist group backed by Iran, is beyond comprehension. I truly understand the protest of innocent Gazans and their deaths and injuries. It is a shame that a neighoring country, such as Egypt, wouldn’t allow the Gazans to cross their border. Instead they are sitting ducks as Israel and Hamas fight each other.
In my opinion the protests get far too much play on television. If you watch cable television you can’t help but notice program after program, hour after hour, coverage of the protest at Columbia, or now Yale. I question the news value of a bunch of college kids holding placards and shouting in to microphones. Do they really believe what they are protesting or is it an avenue to skip class or get facetime on television? I think the latter. Aren’t there more important topics to cover?
Quit giving them news coverage. Quit talking about how horrible they are behaving. Quit and the protests will end.

2 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Nothing new about college students protesting

  1. I like the fact that an “Anonymous” doesn’t like your comments about Hamas support being incomprehensible…, just like most cowards with an
    ambiguous opinion he/she/they won’t say who he/she/they are… an opinion without a face or name
    is as effective as a shadow in the dark

  2. Your comment “how any can support HAMAS is incomprehensible” paints with too broad a brush. In any situation like this there are extremists on both ends but from what I’ve seen (certainly not sure where you’re seeing hour after hour) they support the Palestinian people who are bearing the brunt of the violence and nothing else. Your comment implying that most don’t know what they are protesting is disgusting.

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