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Mike’s Musings: Transgender athletes should not compete with females

It took years to pass Title 9, which essentially put women’s sports on an even keel with men’s. Now female athletes enjoy the same funding, facilities, etc, that male athletes have had since high school and collegiate sports were popularized in the early 20th century.
I’m concerned that the equality gained by Title 9, will be short-lived, now that males transitioning to females are allowed to compete in women’s sports. Sorry but there is simply no way females can compete with males who are now females. The proof in the pudding is being displayed week after week as transitioned males dominate track and field and swimming competitions and their female counterparts go home dejected and confused.
As an example, Lia Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer has been blowing away her competition, and in so doing, is recognized as one of the top female swimmers in the world. In her first three years of college she swam in anonymity on the male team. After undergoing more than two years of hormone replacement therapy, the transgender woman now competes for the woman’s team.
As a woman, Thomas has shattered school records and posted the fastest times of any female swimmer in two events this year. She is the odds-on favorite to win those events at the NCAA championships later this spring.
Her success as well as the success of others in track and field is sure to promulgate a host of copycats- mediocre male swimmers, or track and field contestants, who can dominate the female sports world. Heck, I can see wanna be male hoopsters transitioning to female where their wanna be status is elevated to basketball stardom. Billie Jean King proved a woman could play as well as a tired old man (Bobby Riggs) in tennis a few decades ago, but will transitioning males begin to dominate female tennis?
Our current path indicates “yes.” Female sports may become obsolete, and if that were to happen, thousands of girls and women would no longer compete. That, in this writer’s opinion, would be a monumental tragedy. But in their efforts to be totally inclusive, this is what the NCAA and other woke organizations are creating- a genderless sports landscape.
Probably the most famous transgender of our time, Katelyn Jenner (former Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner) has made it clear she believes transgendered males have no business competing with females. She cites the differences between the male and female anatomy, and the inherit physical advantages a male, transgendered or not, has over a female.
The “woke” NCAA needs to get a grip on reality. They must stop the nonsense whereby transgendered males are allowed to compete with females. This simply isn’t fair to normal females who have spent a good share of their lives, competing with like females. A television pundit suggested we have a third category for sports- male, female and the new category, transgender. I’m not thinking this is necessary, but it certainly makes more sense than grouping transgenders with females.

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