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Mike’s Musings: Ukraine-Russia war must be stopped

Here I go again. One of my favorite rants is “Why do we send so much money and weapons to Ukraine to further a war they will never win?
As a country we are nearly $34 trillion in debt and have a homeless problem that gets greater by the day. Our groceries and gas are on an upward trend and many of us can’t afford housing because rents and mortgages are higher than they have been for years.
Yet we continue to throw money at a war that has no strategic importance to us, and for that matter we refuse to close our southern border and allow millions of illegal aliens to siphon money and resources from us- Americans.
Thousands, maybe a million Ukrainians, have been killed in this war with Russia. It needs to stop and Zelenskyy and Putin need to be forced to the bargaining table. One of the ways that can happen is for the U.S. to stop funding. Zelenskyy without our money will essentially be forced to make peace, and guess what, stop the killing of innocent Ukrainians.
U.S. warmongers, however, would insist this would be a victory for Russia and their first domino and taking back Eastern Europe. They claim Russia won’t stop with Ukraine, but will next wage war in Poland, or some other neighboring country.
I don’t see that coming. Russia’s army has been wounded substantially by the brave Ukrainian forces. I don’t think, if they want to, they would be up for taking on Poland and its NATO allies. They simply don’t have the manpower and weaponry left to continue into NATO land.
But back to the money you and I give to fight the good war in Ukraine. Don’t you wonder where it all goes? I know there are a few members in Congress who have asked the question- have actually sought accountability or auditing of our dollars. But those members are treated with disrespect. The mantra is we must give us much money as Zelenskyy needs, because it is a noble cause, and he, better than us, knows where and how to direct the money.
I say poppycock. Try to get a governmental contract for your small business. If you have you know there is an enormous amount of paperwork you must provide. You must account for every penny. Why is it different for Zelenskyy?
Some of us know why. The warmongers in Washington D.C. control Congress, and if there is an opportunity to engage in war, they are likely to be all in. Billions of dollars are made by those in control by providing goods, weaponry, lobbying, etc etc. The rich, those in control of our military industrial complex get richer, and you and I, the taxpayers funding wars, get poorer. It’s always been that way. War means money, lots of it, for those in control.
Therefore, it is in their best interest to stifle contrarian opinions, like mine. I will get all kinds of blowback from readers claiming the war is just, and we must continue to arm Ukraine until they triumph. To those in power who are making millions off this war I only point to the thousands of innocent civilians who have died. You can blame Russia, and rightfully so, but you also need to take a look in the mirror. Stop this war now.

7 Replies to “Mike’s Musings: Ukraine-Russia war must be stopped

  1. Honestly, Putin is a dictator, he will not stop with Ukraine and certainly will bide his time before entering Poland or other NATO countries. Yes, large amounts of money is being given to Ukraine and maybe we should have a better understanding how it is spent ( it might, but unaware to general public) If we do not support this invasion there will be others. I saw an article before the Ukraine invasion that said, “most German’s did not hate Jews, they didn’t pay attention”. You remember how that end up right? I ask you spend a bit of time today to reflect on what you posted. Unless of course you wish to live in a Putin-like country.

  2. Building a wall across our southern border was too great a cost, but several times that amount to Ukraine is “a-ok.” Oy.

    1. Publius – long time no see. So you don’t have a problem with not honoring an arrangement made when the USSR broke up? You’d rather have Ukraine have a massive supply of nuclear weapons? And seriously, do you really think a wall will do any good?

  3. So you’re saying that the agreement we signed to get Ukraine to relinquish their nuclear weapons was just so much rubbish? You have no problem with an aggressor starting a war with a nation with no other reason than adding to their territory? You have no problems with not standing by our allies in NATO who risk being the next victim of Putin? You are the modern day Neville Chamberlain. Not my problem – until it is. No honor, no ethics, nothing but. You truly disgust me.

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