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Mike’s Musings: Why can’t I hear the Maxwell testimony?

As I watch the lowlights of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard lawsuits, I can’t help but wonder what happened with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. I hope we haven’t forgotten, already, but just a reminder, Maxwell was found guilty a couple of months ago of aiding and abetting Jeffrey Epstein in his quest to have sex with a variety of underage girls.
That trial, as explosive as it was, went dark, meaning the media or others were not allowed to attend or report on it. This was ordered by the trial judge but one has to wonder why the order wasn’t challenged and why we have heard very little sense Maxwell was found guilty.
On the other hand, we have learned every detail of the Depp-Heard failed marriage. Depp is sueing Heard and Heard is sueing Depp, and their arguments, fueled by alcohol, escalated to physical and verbal abuse, and at times were only stopped by police. It is lurid television and watchers love to hear how a Hollywood couple’s marriage could be more dysfunctional that their own. But it boils down to a spat over money, and neither party has committed a crime or act that would compare to Epstein-Maxwell.
So I wonder why we can see Depp-Heard up close and personal, but get no glimpse what so ever of Epstein-Maxwell. What the latter was accused of was nothing less than horrible and with child sexual abuse and trafficking a major problem in today’s world it makes no sense to deny the public the details of what Epstein and Maxwell were promulgating.
I can only guess the gag order was placed because several of the rich and famous might be implicated in some way. Like many readers, I find it improbable that Epstein hung himself in his jail cell. Rather, I believe jail guards were paid to look the other way when a henchman for someone who didn’t want Epstein to tell all at trial, was allowed to murder Epstein.
The Maxwell trial gag order was established, in my opinion, again to protect the rich and famous. The names of former president Bill Clinton and the UK’s Prince Andrew have publicly been linked to Epstein’s sexual escapades, but according to reports there are dozens of other prominent government officials and Hollywood stars that could be named at a public trial.
But the rationale of these times, is to not punish the Elite and to protect them at all costs. So many misdeeds performed by U.S. Presidents and others have simply been ignored and unpunished. The rich and powerful can pretty much get away with all types of chicanery, and the Maxwell trial is just an example.
Shame on the judge for denying the public access to the Maxwell trial and shame on our media for not challenging the gag order. As with the Depp- Heard lawsuits, we had a right to hear the testimony in the Maxwell trial, but others in power disagreed. So the details of testimony remain sealed. I guess I should be happy with the Depp-Heard entertainment.

One Reply to “Mike’s Musings: Why can’t I hear the Maxwell testimony?

  1. William C. Buhl
    P O Box 411
    Paw Paw Michigan 49079
    Mike Wilcox
    Courier Leader

    Dear Publisher Wilcox:
    I have grown to hate the political memes from both the right and the left. Riff with half truths and lies, they are posted by anyone who finds them to support their viewpoint. There is no fact checking. Those of similar political persuasion gleefully re-post, reinforcing the disinformation. Truth is the victim.
    Your recent column “Why Can’t I hear the Maxwell Testimony” falls into the same category. Your opinion was that this is part of another grand conspiracy to benefit the rich and famous. That goes well with your opinion that Epstein was murdered and people were paid to look the other way. Shame on you! Are you simply reckless with the truth, or deliberately misrepresenting it.
    First let’s answer the question in the title to your opinion column. Rule 53 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure prohibits cameras in federal courtrooms in criminal trials. Why did you get to watch Johnny Depp’s case? It was a different jurisdiction that allows live streaming.
    Secondly, you assert that “the media or others were not allowed to attend or report on it.” Not true. There was no gag order.
    It took me all of 5 minutes on the internet to find these facts. You write in your column “Shame on the judge for denying the public access to the Maxwell trial and shame on our media for not challenging the gag order.” It’s hard to challenge that which does not exist. Shame on you for not checking your facts.
    William C. Buhl

    I sent this the Tuesday after this column as a letter to the publisher. Never saw it.

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