Clare County Review & Marion Press

Osceola County makes appointments

By John Raffel

MARION – The Osceola County Board of Commissioners, at its Tuesday meeting, appointed Morris Langworthy Jr. as an at-large member to the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission for a one-year term and reappointed Commissioner Roger Elkins for an additional one-year term.
“The commission is a regional type of thing that takes a look to what counties might be doing and puts their stamp of approval on it if they think it’s worthwhile,” Elkins said. “There’s eight or nine counties on it.”
The board approved the EMS director salary and voted to post the position and accept applications. The previous director, Jeremy Beebe, resigned from the position recently. Elkins said Shane Helmer is currently handling the duties on an interim basis.
The board voted to authorize Commissioner Chair Mark Gregory sign the MVAA County Veteran Services Fund Grant Letter of Intent.
Commissioners also voted to approve EMS to apply for a grant from the State of Michigan for recruitment and retention.
The board approved the Treasury Annual Resolutions; Tax deferment for Elderly and the Osceola County Investment Policy.
The commissioners voted to provide for the designation and deposit of all public money including tax money by the Osceola County Treasurer in the following financial institutions: Huntington National Bank, Lake Osceola State Bank, Horizon Bank, Michigan Class Pool Multi Bank Securities and Cantella & Co, Inc.

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