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Pat’s Bits and Pieces: Cleaning and completing projects and maybe camping

Well, it is here now – summer has begun again and that headline doesn’t apply to me!
Remember when I said it will be September 1 before we know it? Well, it is Tuesday, May 28th already. I am sitting here looking at the calendar and realizing that every single weekend in May had something written on it and now every single week in June is filling up too.
Top that with an unintentional week off while I was recovering from pneumonia. I am feeling better now thank goodness and am back to work – sort of anyway.
This is/was my year to get my pneumonia shot, but guess I should have done that sooner.
With June arriving Saturday and the 4th of July just around the corner, I am pretty sure Jack’s annual “to-do” list may not get “to-done” like he wants it to. I’m almost positive it will have to be drastically shortened anyway. He still talks about all the stuff he wants to do, but the energy level just isn’t there like it used to be.
Usually I am the family optimist, but when it comes to summer projects, Jack always thinks he is Superman!
So, the list gets pared down a bit and sometimes shortened up too.
He is working on sanding, staining and enclosing the sides of our entry, his one big summer project in a long list so far. Somehow I don’t think all of that will be done in one weekend…if at all.
And I was really hoping to get a few flowers planted by last weekend…
It would be nice if we could extend those summer months like we can the due date with the IRS. A six-month extension on summer, and on his project list and my much shorter version would seem kind of nice and easy right now.
At least he is off to a great start. Not so much me. We had planned to travel north for the holiday weekend and refresh the flowers at the family cemetery, but I’m afraid that went by the wayside while I was recovering – again!
Hopefully we will be able to make that trip up sometime in June and Jack will get to mark a few things off his list up there: checking out Marlene’s trailer (now our home away from home if we can get there), dismantling the deck where the 5th Wheel used to be, bringing back two wrought iron benches, and cleaning up the site a bit.
Since I was more or less incapacitated all last week, the only thing I did get done was my goal of reading a couple of books (actually five or six) while recovering.
I didn’t get to cross anything else off, at least not yet this year and I still haven’t got all my summer clothes out of storage…(I will probably get that chore done by August).
Even when you are feeling good, the only trouble with four-day weekends is the fact that they only seem to last one day. You just get there, and suddenly it’s time to come back home again…
We may have had to stay home for the holiday this year, but at least the weather has been pretty good most days.
I guess Mother Nature really had the laugh on us. Here I am talking about our nice weather (sunny morning today) and by this afternoon, I am sitting here at the computer listening to the thunder outside. Oops, Jack had to postpone the outdoor chores again.
It seems like that’s happening a lot lately, but that is okay. We are seniors now and slowing down is definitely an option.
Guess that freshly mowed grass got watered good once again.

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