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Pat’s Bits and Pieces: October is here!

I don’t know where September went.
Hard to believe, but October is here tomorrow.
You can sure tell around this place though.
The hummingbirds are gone and Jack has cleaned and put away the feeder for another year. The geese are also getting ready to fly; in fact I think some groups have left already. I haven’t noticed the morning and evening “fly-overs” in the past few days.
The crickets are still singing up a storm every evening though, and the houseflies are back, another sure sign of fall. I don’t know how they get in here, but every day we have the swatter out and are chasing those little nuisances all over the house.
The grass is slowing down but, I’m just about positive Jack will be mowing a couple more times with all of the rain we’ve gotten this week. He was hoping he wouldn’t have to do that, but it’s looking pretty shaggy again already thanks to all that moisture.
Fall flowers are blooming all over the area and the mums are beautiful. Nothing here though as I haven’t planted any yet. The fire bushes bracketing the driveway are turning red though. I have always wanted some and this spring I got my wish…
Fall colors are the prettiest ones, maybe because we know the warm season is almost over.
It’s time for fall color tours to begin, and we are already planning one for one of the coming weekends, hopefully to the west side of the state. Thought we would go north from Harbor Springs and see how the fall colors are coming along, a trip we have tried many times in past years, but we have never hit it at exactly the right time.
Last year we went east and north, making a circle with the northern tip in Gaylord. It was beautiful.
Right in our own area in recent years there has been a color tour including Harrison, Remus and Midland. under “color tours” says, “Head to the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula from early to mid-October for a town-and-country fall color tour that departs Midland and circles hardwood forests and farmland in four counties. The 160-mile route is dotted with dozens of inland lakes and criss-crossed by the Pine, Salt, Sturgeon, Tittabawassee, Tobacco and Chippewa rivers.
We will probably be doing at least a portion of that one pretty soon too.
On it says, “On the fall color tours of Pure Michigan: “It’s when 19 million acres of woods slowly explode in a frenzy of color. It’s when an entire state is in its annual blaze of glory. It’s when autumn arrives in Michigan. And there’s no better place to see the dynamic colors of a trillion trees aflame than along our highways, country roads and coastlines. So let’s head out to the forests. And let’s prepare to be amazed.
According to, “Some early color in Northern Lower Michigan, especially in the interior. Should get a peak weekend in Northern Lower Michigan for October 9-10.”
So we are probably a little early right now for the best fall color, but in a couple of weeks we are going and search for some of that gorgeous Michigan color.

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