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Plainwell reviews Capital Improvement Program

By John Raffel

ALLEGAN – The Plainwell City Council was scheduled to review and discuss the 2022 Capital Improvement Program at a special meeting late last week.
The Council was also to consider approving a project for water distribution system materials inventory to Underground Infrastructure Services for $212,050.
The CIP, the report submitted at the meeting, “informs the community on how the City plans to address significant capital needs over the next six years.
“The benefits of the CIP to the community include: Optimizing the use of revenue; Coordinating the community’s physical planning with its fiscal planning capabilities; Helping to guide future growth and development; Promoting efficient and responsible government; encouraging intergovernmental and regional cooperation; helping to promote a predictable, sound and stable financial program; providing adequate time for planning and engineering of projects; enhancing opportunities to leverage private, federal, and state funding and increasing opportunities to ‘pay as you go’ thereby reducing additional interest and other charges.
“The CIP represents the City’s plan to serve our residents and anticipates future needs of the community. Projects are guided by various development plans and policies established by the City.”
The Council was also set to review and discuss the 2022/2023 draft city budget.

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