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Police officers honored by Lanett Council

By John West

Multiple Lanett police officers were promoted at a ceremony held Monday evening at the Lanett City Council meeting. Lanett Police Chief Johnny Wood presided. During the ceremony,
Patrick McCullough was promoted to the rank of Commander- CID; Blake Brown was promoted to the rank of Sargent; Terry Daniel was promoted to the rank of Sargent; and Cody Kent was promoted to the rank of Sargent.

“A promotion ceremony is something very special,” Wood said. “A promotion ceremony is an indication of what years of hard work and commitment lead to. I understand that for the officers here, this moment did not come easy. It came with a lot of devotion, a lot of hard work, constantly learning and constantly improving. To do this work, day in and day out takes skill and commitment. It’s never easy.”

Wood went on to tell his officers “I hope you have a profound since of pride today. You are being promoted for what you have done, but you are also being promoted for my belief that you can be more. That you can in fact take the responsibilities that you are now going to assume and use them in the right way: To serve as role models, to serve as an inspiration. It’s a significant responsibility. You’ve earned it. But now you have to keep earning it, each and every day.”

Additionally, Lieutenant Brittani Reaves was given the award for 2021 Lanett Police Officer of the Year. Reaves has been with the Lanett Police dept since 2011. She is currently assigned as a school resource officer where she educates students on topics including cyber safety, drugs and alcohol, personal safety, community, and the role of the police.

Regarding Reaves, Wood said, “This award is a true testament to her hard work, the trust she is able to build among colleagues, school faculty, students and the community, and her dedication to duty.”

Wood went on to say Reaves has “made a remarkable difference in the lives of many” and is “seen a s a positive influential role model by all those who know her.”

It was also announced on Monday that Sargent Fontain would join the CID department, and Sargent McCarley would become the second Lanett Schools Resource Officer.

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