Commercial Record

Pride Week lights up spectrum

By Scott Sullivan
Douglas Poet Laureate Jack Ridl looked through chain links at Pride Week festivities — crowds, rainbows, music — like an outcast from life’s feast.
John Porzondek, the Saugatuck guy who with-his partner-turned their home’s city-banned awning into a butterfly sporting “WTF” (“Wait, Think, Forgive” he said) signs was inside, having not cut his hair since Covid. “You can come in,” he told Jack. “It’s free.”
“I’m waiting for my wife,” said Jack.
Julie came, men split up and another Douglas summer was unfurling. Inside Beery Field Saugatuck Township trustees Brenda Marcy and Stacey Aldridge posed wearing Pride Week rainbows.
Indignitaries seen elsewhere had no qualms being in pictures either. A mom and daughter, two businessmen long a couple, clergy …
It was time to celebrate no more painting rainbows gray.

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