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Proud to be a Pioneer: We believe students are ‘packed’ with potential…

Clare has long been a champion of the potential of each individual. Regardless of the attributes you bring to the table, in the eyes of teachers and our community each Pioneer is packed with potential. A big part of the purpose of school is to unlock and share that potential. Inside these walls, we’re always striving to grow and rise to each day’s challenges.
Today, we spend a great deal of energy on the growth of Pioneers socially, emotionally, and academically…preparing them for a world we certainly didn’t expect! With effort, we’re growing Pioneers who are resilient, exemplify hard work, innovative thinkers, compassionate, and act with integrity. This is not to say we’re perfect, far from it, but we have lofty goals for the young citizens who will one day lead this community, state, and nation. Because of these efforts, I get to wear Clare’s name proudly, and try each day to help unlock the potential of each person in our District…that’s not just a job. That’s not just a career loaded with potential of its own. That’s a privilege.
Our first Bond working group recently wrapped up their efforts and have shared their thoughts with the Board of Education. You would be impressed at their thinking, and their belief about what is possible for kids & Clare. They discussed the future of education and of Clare, and also visited a few other venues to see ideas in action. Subsequently, they gathered a summary of thoughts and presented those to the Board this past week. Next up is for representatives of the Board and I to work with architects and construction experts to prepare an initial design, before returning to the public for more input. It’s a long process with several opportunities for the Board (representing you) and the community to weigh in. And this process will lead into helping the Board chart the District’s course as far as facilities over the next several decades.
One thing is true regardless of what shape that plan takes: to do anything remarkable our entire community will need to come together around our collective goals & dreams for kids. It may just be that the past 21 months have been in part preparing us for this challenge ahead. As times got tough, we’ve figured out a path forward for kids & community. It, too, hasn’t been perfect, but we’ve been successful for and with our kids, for and with each other. That’s a definite plus as we look ahead.
On a lighter, but just as important note, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Pioneers everywhere.
You continue to make a difference in this community and beyond, and we have plenty to be proud of and thankful for.
Thanks for making Clare a great place to live and learn!

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