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Rare Cicadas emerge in Chambers County

A cicada attaches itself to a porch screen.

By John Brice

Springtime is that season every year when the unusual insects known as cicadas hatch in droves, however, this year will be especially notable due to an occurrence that hasn’t transpired since 1803. Brood XIX and Brood XIII, which emerge every thirteen years and every seventeen years respectively, will both be hatching this year simultaneously with the typical annual cicadas that are seen every year, a concurrence that has not been witnessed in two-hundred and twenty-one years.
According to Wikipedia, Brood XIX which is also known as The Great Southern Brood is “the largest (most widely distributed) brood of 13-year periodical cicadas, last seen in 2024 across a wide stretch of the southeastern United States.” For a bit of perspective, the White House was occupied by then President Thomas Jefferson the last time this phenomenon occurred.
Often considered remarkable for their large size and odd appearance, cicadas make their presence known most noticeably by the loud sound they create through the flapping of their wings en masse as they roost in trees. Locally renowned videographer Bradley Bonner has captured their emergence in Valley with a series of photos, which prompted an outpouring of reactions from area residents when posted on facebook.
One commenter noted “We haven’t had them here in Lafayette yet . At least not on our property” while another remarked “I’ve seen them everywhere hundreds in valley”. Generally heard more than they are seen, one commenter stated “They are so loud out here But I haven’t saw one just hearing them” and another quipped “all over. I don’t see them but definitely hear them” as well as another commenting “they are loud at my house sounds strange a constant hummmmm”.
Some commenters expressed concerns such as “I feel like I’m in a Stephen King movie waiting for something to come out and get me!” or “Do they bite? Dangerous?” to which the reassuring response came “Completely harmless and do not eat plants.” Some residents still conveyed their aversion in comments like “They are getting bad in West Point..sooo I won’t be going to my niece’s house for a while” and “We have them. Far side of Opelika by Beulah. The roar coming from the woods all around us is pretty loud, especially early morning and evening. A couple of days ago we were asking ourselves if that was frogs we were hearing down by the creek (Halawakee), but then it dawned on us what it was. Last night was the first we’ve actually seen out of the woods, when two landed on our front porch.”

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  1. The Bible States when we start seeing and hearing things like that we are at the end of time I’m on my knees every day since this started praying to the Lord when Man start loving man and woman start loving woman we are at the end of time

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