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Regent Arcade finds a new home in Allegan

Matt Adams, owner of The Regent Arcade, assists a brand new player with a pinball machine. The game room will rebrand to The Regent Arcade Showroom when it opens on April 1, 2022 at the corner of Locust and Trowbridge Streets in Allegan.

By Gari Voss

Matt Adams shared, “We knew that someday we would need to move, but finding a new location was not easy. There is some sentimental value to our location at the back of the Regent Theater.”
When the Allegan City Council decided to lease the space at the back of the Regent to a paying tenant, Adams had to scramble to find a new location. After a couple months, a temporary home presented itself thanks to the generosity of Dewey Family Properties, owned by Dan and Erin Dewey.
“We know that this is temporary,” Adams added. “The space is three times larger than our original location which is great. We will be able to add some new offerings to the Arcade.”
“We will use this retail space to slightly rebrand as a ‘showroom’ with machines available for sale as well as game room, mancave, she-shed, home, or business items that will be both practical and fun. Initially this will include bar stools, mini refrigerators, autographed photos, artwork, etc.”
“If we do not have a machine that someone wants, we can place them on a watchlist to assist in locating it,” said Adams. “The buyer will then have an opportunity to try a machine before they buy.”
Before The Regent Arcade moves, there will be some special events in the current Regent Theater space. On Friday, March 25th, there will be a bit of March Madness with an Adult Tournament beginning at 8pm. On Saturday, March 26th, the kids will go head-to-head at 5pm. There will be Door Prizes for participants.
On Saturday, the doors will close to the public for the last private party in this location. “On Sunday, March 27th, we will move all of the machines and equipment to Locust Street,” stated Adams. “This will allow us to set up the new arcade.”
Adams realizes that when the Dewey Family is ready to renovate the space, the Arcade will make another move. Hopefully, by then, there will be another business with which to partner.
“I really appreciate Dan and Erin of Dewey Family Properties for giving us this opportunity. We are currently seeking some display fixtures and a counter that can hold our merchandise and prizes. But overall, the move is coming together nicely.”
Even though the Arcade has regular hours on only Fridays and Saturdays from 5-10pm, private appointments can be made to rent the Arcade for $35 an hour since the occupancy of the new space has increased.
As summer draws nearer, on Monday Food Truck Rally nights, there are plans to open the Arcade. Also, the adult leagues that currently meet on Friday evenings at 8pm will move to Saturday evenings so players can enjoy Rollin’ On the River concerts.
“Thanks in advance for your help as we continue our mission to provide some after-hours fun in Allegan!” Adams concluded. 

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