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Road Commission issues snow plowing policy

LAWRENCE – Michigan’s first snowflakes have fallen, and before the state is feet-deep in snow, the Van Buren County Road Commission explains how it responds to winter storms, according to a press release from the road commission.

There are over 2,637 roadway lane miles that the Van Buren County Road Commission is responsible for plowing. Roadways are plowed and salt/sanded in order of priority as established by the Board of County Road Commissioners in its Snow Plowing Policy as follows:

  1. Each winter snow event will be treated as an individual occurrence due to the unique characteristics of each event, such as depth or type of snow, temperature fluctuations, ice formation, etc.
  2. Routine snow removal operations will begin on the affected areas of the County Primary Road network, as a first priority. These roads include Red Arrow Highway, Blue Star Highway, and all roads with the “County Road (CR)” designation. The affected areas of the Local Roads system (streets and avenues), and the affected roadways within subdivisions are given secondary priority.
  3. Normal scheduled operations of the Van Buren County Road Commission occur within eight hour days, Monday through Friday.
  4. Weekend operations and/or overtime operations are authorized as follows:
    In the event of a snowfall in excess of four inches, the most critical locations on selected County Primary Roads will be covered, as conditions permit.
    Unusual ice and/or wind conditions causing hazardous driving, or impassable conditions on the affected areas of the road system, as conditions permit.
    In the event of a snowfall in excess of eight (8”) inches, authorization shall be extended to cover the Local Road system of the affected area(s), as conditions permit.

In all cases, minimum crew sizes will be utilized to cover the affected areas.

Every effort within the physical and financial resources of the Road Commission shall be made to keep the roads in a safe and reasonable condition for public travel.

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