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  • Maggie’s Pantry
    By Maggie ConklinEasy Stuffed DuckThe family story goes one long-ago night my parents were eating at a fine restaurant with some Dad’s business customers, Mom’s cousin Bob and lifelong friend Margaret.Mom Milley lectured Bob all afternoon long about how to speak and act in polite society, without cuss words, proper conversation topics.Things started well with … Read more
  • Blue Star
    By Scott SullivanEditorSaddling UpHe saddled up to the bar and gritted through rotted cuspids, bicuspids, incisors …“Aren’t you s’posed to sidle?” asked Zeke the Barkeep.“Buck you,” he spat through his bridge, spitting bloody Chiclets square into bullseyes of 12 dartboards. “I’m up for a ride. Whiskey.”“You want, I got.”“I don’t always drink risky, but when … Read more
  • Will historic tug Reiss be scrapped?
    By Scott SullivanEditorLast rites may loom for the historic Reiss tugboat when, per a classified listing last week, current owner Steve Horn hopes to sell it for scrap, cash only, Oct. 3Built in 1913 the tug, then named the Q.A. Gillmore after a Civil War Union general, served maritime traffic in and near Cleveland’s Lake … Read more
  • Saugatuck throttles Coloma
    By Jason WesseldykSports Editor SAUGATUCK—On paper, the SAC crossover football game pitting host Saugatuck against visiting Coloma looked like a mismatch.After all, the Trailblazers entered the game at 4-0, while the Comets were 0-4.And it quickly became apparent that this was one case in which looks were not deceiving.Saugatuck scored early and often, building leads … Read more
  • Life as Performance Art
    Mike “Dirty Jobs” Rowe wrote about work, “What’s happening now in this country that scares me to the core fundamentally is we have never had so much unrealized opportunity and little enthusiasm for it.”Since before European settlement America has been seen as a land of opportunity, new beginning, where people could work to create a … Read more
  • Mike’s Musings: Nightmare in a latrine, lady can’t get out
    A few days ago, a story popped up on my computer screen entitled Michigan police rescue woman trapped in outhouse. It piqued my curiosity because the article proclaimed it happened in Otsego, MI, where we publish the Union Enterprise. After further review I discerned it was actually Otsego County, Mi, but not to take away … Read more
  • Laketown to lease house as nature center
    BY JIM HAYDEN CORRESPONDENT A new outdoor learning center is coming to a Laketown Township’s Wolters Woods Park. The township Building Authority earlier this month approved use of a recently-acquired house there for a nature school run by Holland Christian Schools. “The Wolters House,” saic HCS advancement director Leanne Halma, “was attractive to Holland Christian … Read more
  • J. Garcia x2 make Mill Pond claims
    BY SCOTT SULLIVAN EDITOR No, Fennville’s Jennifer and Jessica Garcia, winners of this year’s $1,000 Mill Pond Realty “Follow Your Dreams” scholarships based on essays written, aren’t related. Asked, they first said they were cousins, paused for interview flow, then agreed they were not related, that they know of. Jennifer plans to use her stipend … Read more
  • Kids combine on serve/walk-a-thon Sept. 29
    Friends of Saugatuck Middle School have announced their Serve-Thon will raise vital funds for student field trips, dances, a fun night, school programming, trip scholarships, teacher appreciation, more. In return, kids give back visits to: • Kids Food Bank in Holland. Grade 6 Sept. 12, Grade 7 Sept. 13. Grade 8 learned about their environment … Read more
  • Maggie’s Pantry
    By Maggie ConklinHungarian GoulashWhenever I ask my husband “What do you want for dinner tonight?” most times he will answer “Goulash.”I cringe, because I love it too, but can’t have just one bowl of my recipe. I sometimes wish it weren’t so delicious.This recipe should make between six and eight servings, but it’s only good … Read more
  • Blue Star
    By Scott SullivanEditorLetters from HomeDear addled daddy, How did the base you start and go from become so scattered? You’re a deer, addled daddy, no one follows.“Throw them off scent,” you say? Who’s hunting you. “Not enough wild places to retreat to?” I’ll deforest further. “City attractions detract, in fact?” No one makes you go … Read more
  • DES Walk-a-thon back in town Oct. 6-7
    Douglas Elementary School’s sixth annual PTO-sponsored Walk-a-Thon Thursday and Friday, Oct. 6 and 7, will raise funds for:
  • Saugatuck girls cross country places second at Holly Invitational
    By Jason WesseldykSports Editor HOLLY—Freshmen Kamryn Sixberry and Lyvia Curtis provided quite the 1-2 punch for the Saugatuck girls cross country team at the Holly Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 16.Competing in the Division 4 race, Sixberry placed fifth at 21:12.2 and Curtis was sixth at 21:12.4 to lead the Trailblazers to a runner-up team finish … Read more
  • Mike’s Musings: Pull them I say, if it means pain goes away
    It’s no fun getting old. Although your mind remains sharp your physical attributes begin to deteriorate.In my case it is my teeth, that seem to be rotting away at a rapid clip. I’ve been to the dentist a dozen times this year and am preparing as I write this to go again. I can’t think … Read more
  • Life as a Performance Art
        Every September my mother spent several dollars buying boxes of rolls of caps for my genuine Roy Rogers Six Shooter.  If we needed more ammunition she was more than happy to foot the bill.  The reason for this was simple:  starlings.  We were directly under their flight path, and our hillside was covered with oak trees. The starlings flew … Read more
  • Blazers continue hot start with road win
    By Jason WesseldykSports EditorNILES—After opening the season with a pair of home games, the Saugatuck football team hit the road for the first time on Friday, Sept. 8, for a game against Niles Brandywine.The change of venue did nothing to change the Trailblazers’ good fortunes.Saugatuck scored one touchdown in each of the first three quarters … Read more
  • Maggie’s Pantry
    By Maggie ConklinBeebalmI kept driving by a field of spotted beebalm, aka horsemint, bergamot or the Latin binomial name Monarda punctata, and telling myself I’d go harvest it tomorrow.This had gone on for a couple weeks, OK, more than a month till I finally parked my Mini and picked an armful in five minutes. Why … Read more
  • Blue Star
    By Scott SullivanEditorhungry iGeometry, content, composition … click. Do a photo’s still subject objects move me after I process them, let the content cool, then return for reassessment and maybe revision. Still?The hungry i (1950-1970) was a San Francisco comedy, music and sometimes strip-bar nightclub where Mort Sahl, Bill Cosby, Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, Woody … Read more
  • Saugatuck candidate forum set Oct. 3
    By Scott SullivanEditorThe four candidates who have filed to run for three open two-years seats on Saugatuck City Council in the Nov. 7 election have been invited to a Holland Area League of Women Voters forum Tuesday, Oct. 3, in the Saugatuck High School auditorium, 401 Elizabeth St. from 6:30 to 8 p.m.Incumbents Garnet Lewis … Read more
  • Mike’s Musings: A Mothers Cries Out for Help
    I received a phone call from a distraught reader and mother a few days ago, that really hit home. She called me because of the strong positions I have taken in past columns about Big Pharma, opioids and doctors that might administer them.I asked her to write me a letter explaining her situation. Here it … Read more

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