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Severe weather sirens fail to activate, fix resolved

Severe weather has raised its frightful head several times throughout Spring 2024, and that gives rise to ensuring all warning systems work correctly. The tornadoes that ripped through Portage and other surrounding communities are just one example of the importance of properly functioning systems.
Recently, the Allegan County Emergency Management office shared, “During the monthly siren test on Friday, June 7, it was discovered that the outdoor warning sirens in this area [southeast Allegan County] did not activate as expected. The issue has been traced to the Otsego VHF equipment site.”
During the efforts to repair the system, Emergency Management Coordinator Sarah Clark explained, “TeleRad is actively working to identify and resolve the problem. However, due to the complexity of the issue, a definitive timeline for restoration of the sirens’ functionality is currently unavailable.”
It has been advised that residents in the affected areas watch/listen for weather updates using other methods when extreme weather is forecast.
“While some areas have the capability for manual activation, it is recommended that individuals have multiple methods for receiving emergency notifications,” Clark suggested.
When severe weather conditions are present, Emergency Management urges residents to seek information by:
Monitoring local news and weather updates
Tuning into multiple communication channels – NOAA Weather Radion, mobile alert apps, local radio and television stations – to receive warnings.
“Allegan County understands the importance of timely and effective warning systems, particularly in the face of severe weather threats. Our priority is the safety and well-being of all residents, and we are working diligently to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” stated Clark.
The Allegan County Emergency Management office will provide updates on the status of the outdoor warning sirens as they become available. For additional information, inquiries can be made to Sarah Clark at 269-512-5014 or

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