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Soaring gas prices cause budget cuts for Isabella Sheriff

By Pat Maurer
Gas prices, now over $5.00 a gallon, the highest ever, have caused a cutback in in-person response to non-life-threatening calls at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office.
Sheriff Michael Main posted the reduced travel for officers on Facebook Tuesday. He said that his department has already gone through 96 percent of the funds budgeted for fuel this year with almost five months remaining before the end of the fiscal year ends October 1st, forcing him to make cutbacks while still providing service and protection.
To complicate the situation even more, the Isabella County Commission just approved patrols for Lake Isabella and the department is short by several deputies.
Deputies will still patrol the county and respond to calls that need an officer present, but non-life threatening calls, or low level calls that have already taken place and that don’t require an officer to collect evidence or information in person, will be handled over the phone or with emails when the incident involves something like shoplifting, identity theft and complaints of that type.
If an officer determines during a phone interview that an in-person visit is needed a deputy will still respond to the situation, Main said.

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