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Sturgis schools set cell phone policy for students

Sturgis Public Schools has established a cell phone policy for students. It encompasses additional phone-type devices, such as Apple Watch. 

Families and students were notified directly this week regarding the policy.

Prior to setting the guidelines, the district consulted stakeholders through a community “visioning” session to explore the impact of cell phone use and student performance. 

According to superintendent Art Ebert, there was agreement that it is a complex topic, and that the goal is to maximize students’ potential. Discussions concluded that, despite benefits of having a cell phone, it can become a barrier to learning and well-being if its use is unlimited during school hours.

Basics of the policy: 

• Cell phones may be taken to school for use before and after academic hours.
• Students may have a phone during school hours only if it is turned off or silenced, and is kept in a locker.

Protocol for violations of the policy:

First offense: Parent contact, the student’s cell phone is placed in a secure location, according to building procedure and the student is assigned to after-school detention.

Second offense: Parent meeting and assignment of one day at “Viceroy,” the district’s suspension-avoidance program. 

Third offense: Parent meeting and assignment of three days at Viceroy. 

Self reporting: A student who had not realized they are in possession of a phone, and immediately self-reports to a staff member, will be provided the opportunity secure it, without consequence. Exception applies if it’s a repeated occurrence. 

Additional details:

9 Replies to “Sturgis schools set cell phone policy for students

  1. I think it a how Sturgis Schools set this up. I went to back in the late 60’s and 70’s. We did not have cell phones. We went to the school nurse or called out parent incase of emergency.

    Heck, ppl are getting hit crossing the street with eyes on the phone. Or driving while they are on the phones.

    Life was so much easier in the 70’s.

    Class of 78 is great!

  2. Sounds like a great agreement. If I need my Son—-I call the High School office anyway

  3. What good is having a phone for emergencies, if it’s in your locker. Maybe what you need to start teaching is self control.

    1. Maybe it’s the parents job to teach self control, and let the teacher stick to their curriculum,,,

    2. Sarah what did we all do when we didn’t have them? Parents contacted the school or we went to the office to call. It is not the teachers job to teach self control. That begins at home and are consequences if not followed. There is no need for cell phones in school. Period.

    3. Unless your kid is an on-call Trauma Surgeon, what emergency do they need to respond to?

    4. I’ve been reading well-researched articles on teenagers’ addiction to cell phones. The bottom line is that when students have access to their cell phones during school hours, they use them. They do not pay attention to their teachers and they do not interact with their fellow classmates.

    5. Maybe if parents today would teach “self control”, their would be a lot less problems in the world. I think a big part of the problem is single parent homes. The single mom or dad has to work,sometimes 2 jobs and their is no help at home.

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