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Teen’s organ donation saves at least four lives

Savage family

By Donald Talonen

On Sunday, June 30, at approximately 1 p.m., the Savage family from Kalamazoo was involved in a car accident at 136th Avenue and 58th Street in Allegan County’s Fillmore Township. Tragically, lives were lost. It’s important to emphasize the significance of community support during crises following these recent catastrophic events involving the Savage family. The community’s response to the devastating car accident has been a powerful display of resilience and compassion.
The incident took the lives of Dan Savage and his son Mason and has left the family facing a long road to recovery. Chelsea Savage, and her two other sons, Parker and Levi, are currently navigating the aftermath of this tragedy.
Tina Josten, Dan Savage’s aunt reported to the Kalamazoo Gazette that Chelsea Savage decided to share Mason’s organs knowing that her son would have wanted to help another child. “He was a very sensitive child. He would have wanted it this way.”
Donating Mason’s organs reflects a profound act of generosity amidst their grief, offering hope to others in need. It was not an easy decision, but the mother hoped to help others struggling with the same choice. At the time of the decision, Mason had irreversible brain damage and was on life support. As of Friday, Levi, the youngest, would be leaving the hospital with a family member. Chelsea, the mother, remained hospitalized but she left the Intensive Care Unit.
On Sunday, one week after the accident, Joe Josten, Dan’s cousin and the organizer of the GoFundMe campaign, provided an update through the family’s GoFundMe page, with a statement that read, “I can’t thank everyone enough for the support everyone has shown the family over this past week.” Josten also mentioned that the donations for Mason were able to save at least four lives, and he added, “hopefully more to come.”
Josten also said, “Parker continues to show signs of improvement, he is still sedated and on a ventilator, but he has begun to breathe in his own and move his legs. Chelsea still remains stable and continues to remain strong. They intend on moving her to a rehab facility as soon as they are able to begin working on it building back up her core strength. I will keep everyone posted as more updates come. The level of support we’ve gotten is amazing to see.”
This situation is a stark reminder of how life can change in an instant and of the fragility of our daily existence. It also highlights the critical role that community support plays in helping those affected by tragedy. The success of the GoFundMe account to assist the Savage family underscores the community’s willingness to rally around those in need, providing financial support and a sense of solidarity.
Those who wish to contribute to the Savage family’s support can find the family’s GoFundMe campaign by visiting, the account has been set up to aid in their recovery and long-term care needs.

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