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Township weighs dog park upgrades

By Scott Sullivan
Saugatuck Township Manager Joe Frey was scheduled Wednesday to pitch the parks commission on a plan to expand services and trail access at its 6-acre Tails ‘n’ Trails Dog Park, 6359 134th Ave.
Opened in 2004 thanks to a community group raising funds to fence, make signs, parking, the park hosts four separate areas for small dogs, larger dogs, special uses and walking trails. Public donations continue to maintain it.
Frey propose the township obtain quotes this winter to expand the entrance, regrade the current parking lot, create new parking space (shown on the map in orange, above the green line), move the gate (green line to blue line), and regrade the access trail.
Along the new parking lot the township would install fence posts to prevent driving across the property and preserve the natural environment.
“This would expand access to trails,” said Frey, “that the cross-country team could utilize, create a safer entrance to the park as the current entrance is narrow and limited by an electric pole and fire hydrant, and create welcoming and clearly define sections of the park.
“It may also be an idea to name the north section of the park. This could be an opportunity to reach out to the public to inquire (for donor) names,” he said.

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