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Turner elected vice-chair of Osceola commission

By John Raffel

MARION – Osceola County commissioner David Turner, of Marion, was elected vice chairman of the Board of Commissioners at its organizational meeting on Tuesday.
He will serve a one-year term as vice chairman, replacing Roger Elkins of Evart. Mark Gregory, of LeRoy, is serving a two-year term as chairman.
Turner was elected to the board a year ago, replacing Jack Nehmer, who retired.
The board voted to approve the fourth quarter EMS Bad Debt Report of $28,925.06.
Commissioners also approved EMS Policy 210.90001 EMS Service Fee Schedule and the resolution for fee schedule.
“Periodically we do that,” Elkins said. “There will be some increases in it.”
Commissioners approved the EMS Uniform, Dress Code and Personal Appearance Policy.
Part of the policy approved by the commissioners states:
“Pins, jewelry, hats, name/insignia or other identifying symbols which are not professionally related to authorized uniforms are prohibited from being worn. Any tattoos should be covered wherever possible. Hair, including facial hair, is to be neat and groomed at all times. Hair color shall be maintained as the natural color. If a member or employee has long hair, then he or she must arrange it in such a way that it does not present a safety hazard or distract from duties. Mustaches and beards must be clean, well-trimmed, and neat, and must not interfere with the wearing of any safety or medical device, including personal protective equipment.
“Perfume, cologne, aftershave, scented lotion, etc., should be used in moderation or avoided altogether. Jewelry should not be excessive and should be limited to items that do not functionally restrict the employee or create a danger to personnel or others. Earrings may be worn while on duty. The earrings shall not hang below the lobe of the ear. Limit of one earring per ear and in a location on the ear not to expose the employee to potential harm. Facial jewelry, such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings and tongue studs, is not permitted to be worn during working hours or while on duty. Personnel are expected to arrive to work in a clean, presentable manner with all appropriate uniform attire in place.”

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