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Two challenge incumbent for senate

Aric Nesbitt

Incumbent Aric Nesbitt, Kaleb Hudson and Austin Kreutz are running in the Republican primary for Michigan State Senate District 20 on Aug. 2.
Nesbitt grew up on the six-generation family farm in West Michigan, paid his way through college, earned an economics degree from Hillsdale College, and later, a master’s in International Business.
Nesbitt and his wife, Trisha, live in Lawton with their daughter, Catherine, and son, William. His family still operates their grape and dairy farm a few minutes down the road.
Nesbitt said he will fight for policies that will provide the freedom and opportunity for a seventh generation to take over that family farm and for Michigan families to pursue happiness as they see fit.
According to Nesbitt, his number one priority as a legislator and the top issue on his campaign currently is getting the state’s economy back on track. “Michiganders are suffering due to the economic failures of the Whitmer-Biden administrations and their disastrous liberal policies,” said Nesbitt.
Nesbitt believes we must focus on providing vital relief to taxpayers and small businesses by reducing the tax burden and allowing citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money. Additionally, unleashing American energy production and keeping safe pipelines open will help drive down the cost of living.
Another priority would be securing the integrity of elections with stronger Voter ID laws, cleaning up the qualified voter file, and banning the mass mailing of absentee ballot applications.
Finally, a third priority Nesbitt said would be expanding access to broadband and natural gas infrastructure in rural areas. “We must do so by cutting burdensome rules and regulations to get government out of the way,” he said.
Hudson is from Gaines Township. This is his first political campaign. He is studying pastoral ministry and political science in a virtual program at Liberty University and is employed at Rapid Packaging.
Kreutz is pastor of Restoration Christian Community in Allegan.
The winner of the Aug. 2 primary will face Democratic candidate, Kim Jorgensen Gane, a writer and abortion-rights activist, in November.

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