LaFayette Sun

Welcome to Christmas in the country

By Pamela Holloway

The Tinsley Family community Christmas lighting show is a sight to behold. The Tinsley Family Village is straight down Highway 50 almost to the county line and very near Camp Hill.
People from all over the state come from far and near to enjoy the drive by of the family community lighting.

The Tinsley Holiday Village has been lighting it up since the 1980s. The family starts decorating on Thanksgiving weekend and people enjoy the lights well into the New Year bringing so much Love and Joy to the community.

The light show began in honor of a 10-year-old loved one in 1989 that passed away on the highway from a car accident. The family leader that started the light show, Foy Tinsley passed away 7 years ago.

Three hundred plus people throughout Chambers County gathered and took a bus down to see the lights during the week of Christmas. The elders, kids and adults really enjoyed the light show explaining how beautiful and exciting it was to see such an amazing village.

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