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What’s the Storey Jim, in or out?

By Donald Talonen

Recently, Jim Storey has found himself in the middle of a controversial situation regarding the Allegan County elections. It was reported that Storey might have been disqualified due to unresolved issues with campaign finance report filings from his previous campaign.
Storey withdrew his candidacy “under duress” owing to campaign finance report filing issues from his previous run for state representative. After withdrawing his name from the ballot, Storey expressed a interes to be reinstated, claiming that he was pressured to withdraw “under duress.” The Allegan Election Commission is set to discuss this matter further, which highlights the importance of transparency and due process in the electoral system.
Storey filed for re-election on April 23, but withdrew his candidacy on April 26 after being informed by Bob Genetski, the Allegan County Clerk, that the state had directed Storey be disqualified from the ballot due to outstanding campaign finance report filings from when Storey ran for state representative in 2015.
On April 29, Storey sent a letter to the commission requesting to retract his withdrawal and be reinstated to the ballot for the August primary. However, Genetski stated that he was not aware of any provision under Michigan election law that allows for either retraction of a withdrawal or instatement of someone on the ballot who would otherwise be disqualified by the election commission.
The allegations against Jim Storey are related to issues with his campaign finance report filings during his previous campaign for state representative in 2015. This situation has raised concerns about the electoral process, the pressures candidates may face, and the importance of transparency and due process in the system.
The meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 8, at 10:30 a.m. in the lower-level Probate Courtroom located at 113 Chestnut St. in Allegan.

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