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Bulldogs break school scoring record with 72-6 win

Bulldogs celebrates holding new record scoring most points in game!
Bulldogs pulverized Jaguars

By Pamela Whitlow

The LaFayette Bulldog football team traveled to Barbour County on Saturday to take on the Jaguars.

The Saturday College game day feel must have stirred the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs pulverized the Jaguars 72-6 making history, setting a new record for LaFayette High School football team with the most points scored in a game.

The Class of 2016-2017 football team set the previous record when the Bulldogs destroyed the Woodland Bobcats with a score of 68-6.

The LaFayette Bulldog head coach, Juan Williams, who is also the Jaguars former head coach made his 1st return back to Barbour County at Saturday’s game.

In speaking with Coach Williams how he felt about Saturday’s game in his return to Barbour County, he stated “We needed that win, we needed to pull together and get that win. The young kids played well together and got a lot of playing time.”

Williams, also said It felt good to grace the ground where I started. The people welcomed me back with handshakes and they were very hospitable and it was good to see old faces.

Asking Coach Williams how does it feels to now hold the new record for LaFayette High School’s most points scored in a game pushing LaFayette’s former star Boobee Whitlow class out….“I’m hear to say as the head coach that Boobee’s class will always be LaFayette!!! Kudos to them!”

He added, “They did big things here in LaFayette and still hold big records here!
I enjoyed watching his class. We didn’t try to break their record. We were just at the end of the game and the clock was just running and the young people were just able to get some experience.”

The Bulldogs will finally make their way to the Bulldogs stadium on Friday night, hosting their 1st home game of the season. Asking Coach Williams what his expectations for theFriday night regional game he stated “ I have a young group and we just want to come and compete and have fun.”

Friday night’s game will be against regional foe, the
Goshen Eagles at 7pm.

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