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CSC complaint leads to seizure of 31 dogs

A deputy from the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office sent to a home in the 7000 block of East Grass Lake Road in Wise Township on a criminal sexual conduct investigation, didn’t find the homeowner there, but did discover “dozens of animals,” (mostly dogs) in the residence and on the property.
The deputy reported that he “determined that the animals appeared to be in need of care.”
The officer and animal control personnel from Isabella County worked together to obtain a search warrant for the property. It was executed with help from Gratiot County’s Animal Control, on Wednesday, June 29th.
Besides 31 dogs found in need of care, with one which was found dead on the property and two that were confiscated that tested positive for parvo. One has since died (on July 4th) a social media post said. A goat was also rescued from the “puppy mill.”
On Friday, July 1, the 48-year-old owner of the property, identified as Jeremy James Shea in a Facebook Post, was arrested and charged with one count of cruelty to more than 25 animals. If convicted, the felony charge carries a seven-year prison term.
Shea, who advertised hunting dogs on Facebook, had 25 female dogs presumedly kept for “breeding purposes.”
Because the Isabella County Animal Shelter was over capacity with the addition of Shea’s animals, some of shelter’s adoptable animals were moved to Midland and Clare Counties. The confiscated animals, reportedly very shy, but not aggressive, must be given up by Shea before they can be sent to other places for rehabilitation and medical treatment or be adopted.
According to social media posts, HATS (Helping Animals to Survive, a 501c3 organization) which operates the shelter for the county, is seeking help with supplies for the confiscated animals. They reported needing collars, harnesses and leashes (for large animals), dog food and treats (Purina One for puppies) and adult dried dog food, large chew toys, peanut butter, canned or non-perishable beef and chicken broth, trash bags, size medium examination gloves, paper towels and antiseptic wipes, carbineers (a specialized type of shackle), zip ties and Gatorade for the staff.
On the CSC complaint, Shea was arrested and charged with 4th degree criminal sexual conduct, in connection with a May 7 incident when he was accused of attempts to sexually assault and rape a 28-year-old woman.
In a June 17 interview with police, the woman said Shea attempted to strip her clothes off. She said they wrestled and she was able to fight him off and escape. She said he told her he had done it previously, adding that he said he “treats women like meat and takes what he wants from them.” She got into her vehicle but Shea stood in front of her vehicle until she drove forward forcing him to move out of the way.
Police interviewed Shea on June 22 and he denied that anything had happened. A fourth degree CSC charge is a high misdemeanor.
At his arraignment, Shea was charged with CSC 2nd degree, felon in possession of a weapon, animal dead and not properly buried, three counts of animal cruelty and with 2 counts of operating an unregistered kennel.
He has since posted bond. A Facebook post said there are still animals loose on his property that haven’t been captured yet.
A hearing is set for July 21 to determine if both cases against Shea will go to trial.

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