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Harrison man arrested for threats to murder judge, neighbor

The profile picture posted on Jeremy Adams Facebook page.

By Pat Maurer

A Harrison man, Jeremy Scott Adams, 45, claiming he was “a prisoner in his own home,” has been investigated by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) for “serious” online threats against his neighbor and Circuit Court Judge Roy Mienk.
A court affidavit requesting a “criminal complaint and arrest warrant” filed by FBI Special Agent Scott Engleby, said Adams, using the online Twitter name “@REnegHumanoid” made “threatening communication through the use of the internet.” The Twitter site was also connected to a Reddit post under the name u/rhnegativehumanoid.
Online threats on both Twitter and Reddit, which Engleby alleged were linked, were discovered to have been made by the same person – Adams, Engleby said in the affidavit.
Special Agent Engleby said Adams posted the following threat against his neighbor, “You, your husband, your father and mother and both of your bad children have all participated in my torture and manipulation. Again YOU are THE KEY to making one upper Kochsr feel pain!’” Adam’s Twitter post continued, “As a captive and prisoner, I’ve had enough of your mother fs s**t and plan to start shooting those who have been keeping me captive…I have every right to defend myself from my torturers who have held me captive in my own home and manipulated my environment for rank advancement in MC clubs and financial gain for six fg years.” He wrote, “If there is an open opportunity to kill oppressors, I am going to take it. I’ve had enough and I’m going to expose every one of you mother fs.”
A review of the Twitter page belonging to Adams identified the neighbor targeted in Adam’s posts. Both Adams and Kenneth Koch live on Stockwell Road across from each other, according to the affidavit.
Koch said he and his neighbor Jeremy Adams “are not on good terms.”
The affidavit said [The] “Clare County Sheriff was contacted concerning the matter and informed the FBI that Adams and Koch have had an ongoing neighbor dispute.
Continuing his online rant, Adams posted, “I do not condone hunting and murdering judges…except the dishonorable Judge Mench. I am going to kill that corrupt piece of sh, racist mr fg judge for his participation in my torture and manipulation.” He said, “I am going to make him watch me slice his wife up, put her through the meat grinder and make G* d**d pasties out of her… He abused his power, I am going to take his life gladly.” The “Judge Mench” Adams referred to was not in the State Bar Directory, and was actually Judge Roy Mienk, of the 55th Circuit Court for Clare County. Judge Mienk, when contacted, told the FBI he had denied a personal protective order that Adams had applied for in the past.” Concluding his posts, Adams wrote, “I will do my best to give you at least until July 4 to figure out how to extract me or I’ll take the nuclear option and involve the Secret Service. I do not want that charge on me but I need an exit and that’s my last option. I’m tired of being prisoner to racist fs.” Adams, in an unused Facebook account, posted the intro: “I am me and you ALL hate me!”
Special Agent Engleby said at the end of his affidavit, “Affiant therefore has probable cause to believe that Adams has knowingly sent messages on Twitter, a social media platform in or affecting interstate commerce, which contain(s) a true threat to kill or injure another person.” He concluded, “Based upon the above information I respectfully submit that there is probable cause to believe that Jeremy Adams committed the offense of …Interstate Communications containing a threat to injure the person of another.”
Adams appeared before U.S. Magistrate Curtis Ivy Jr., and was temporarily detained until a detention hearing that was scheduled on June 29th.

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