LaFayette Sun

Ennis appointed to fill vacant council

By Jody Stewart

On Monday, the LaFayette City Council unanimously voted in support of the appointment of former Councilman David Ennis to fill the vacancy of Shannon Hunter, who resigned in May.

It was LaFayette Councilwoman Tammie Williams who made the motion to appoint Ennis which was seconded by Councilman Toney Thomas. The council then voted unanimously for David Ennis to fill the empty city council seat.

The Council had a window of sixty days to nominate an individual, and that person had to be qualified within that district and comply with all other requirements of law. Ennis meets those qualifications.

“We received seven applications for our open seat, and after much deliberation, we felt Mr. David Ennis brought a lot of knowledge with him. Mr. Ennis is a CPA, has experience as Mayor of LaFayettte, and has served on City Council. I am happy that we will now have a full quorum and will be able to move forward and make the decisions for the city”, said LaFayette Mayor Kenneth Vines.

Mayor Vines went on to say that by appointing a successor to Shannon Hunter it saved the City thousands by eliminating the cost of an election.

Ennis is expected to be sworn in at the next LaFayette Council meeting

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