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Faces in the Crowd: Kelsey Vanderhoef-Schoch

Kelsey Vanderhoef-Schoch has always put family first.
Growing up in Marion along with her 5 siblings, she learned how important it was to put your family first.
And these days, along with her husband – who shares the same name, Kelsey Schoch – and her four boys, she always finds time for family.
The Schoch family enjoys being out and about, playing ball at the park in the summer, and sledding and riding snowmobiles in the winter.
And they love eating doughsticks. Especially Shananjac’s doughsticks.
Kelsey often brings home doughsticks after her shifts working at Shananjacs Pizza, where she works along with her brother and sister. And if she forgets to bring home the doughsticks, the kids will be on her case.
But she loves her job, she loves her family, and she loves her community. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. We caught up with Kelsey recently and learned a little bit more about her story. We learned that Kelsey Vanderhoef-Schoch is more than just another face in the crowd.
Marion Press: Where were you born and raised? What kept you busy growing up?
Kelsey: Right here in Marion. My siblings kept me busy. Sports, music. As a kid, I would always go down to the park and play ball. Family was a big part of my life, growing up; All together, there were 6 of us including myself, so I have 5 siblings.
I went to Marion up until 5th grade, and then I went to Pine River for a few years. And then when I hit 9th grade, I ended up transferring back to Marion.
MP: What are some of your favorite memories from going to school in Marion?
Kelsey: The kindness of the staff. I was always kind of close with the staff. I was in sports as well; I played basketball.
MP: These days, what keeps you busy?
Kelsey: My children. I have four boys. And on February 21st, my husband, Kelsey Schoch, and I will have been together for 13 years. We have Cayson, he’s gonna be 10; Kyzen, he’s going to be 7; Kashtyn, he’s 4; and our two-year-old is Kolesyn.
MP: What keeps the Schoch family busy?
Kelsey: We really enjoy home crafts; we do crafts at home. We usually go on outings to the park, or anything that really involves physical activity: Going to the park, playing basketball. Outside sledding, snowmobiling, dirt-biking. They’ve got the dirt bikes, the quads all of that.
MP: Oh, I bet they love that.
Kelsey: Oh my gosh, they sure do!
MP: What do you enjoy the most about living in the Marion community?
Kelsey: I guess being so close to your stores; walking distance to your jobs. I really love the people around here. I just love the community here; they’re nice people. There’s nothing too out of the way when it comes to shopping and school.
MP: Working at Shananjac’s Pizza, what do you enjoy the most about working there?
Kelsey: The people. With me, I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom, so it’s nice for a first job. I love cooking; I’ve always loved cooking. Shannon is an amazing person; super understanding. She’s very nice, and the people are nice to work for.
MP: What is your favorite Shananjac’s food?
Kelsey: I would honestly have to say the doughsticks. They’re a hit at our house! My kids absolutely love the doughsticks.
MP: So mom is in charge of bringing home the doughsticks?
Kelsey: Oh yes, and if not – oh my goodness – they’re asking questions: “Where’s the doughsticks!”
MP: And Shananjac’s gets super busy sometimes, which is good for business, but that’s probably kind of stressful, isn’t it?
Kelsey: With this being my first time working, I have never had this type of stress, so it was definitely new to me. Handling it at times was very hard, because you have your other workers there – but they have their own jobs to do, whether it’s the deep fryer or the oven. But you learn to just rely on each other, and communicate, and get help from others. But without that, it can get chaotic! But Shananjac’s is a great place to be. It’s great pizza, and we have a great crew.
MP: What’s the best advice you’ve been given, or would give to others?
Kelsey: My biggest thing would be to never doubt yourself. Always think in a positive direction. That’s where I’ve learned – I’ve always taken things so seriously, but it’s a new year, and new me thing – and I’ve decided to focus on myself, and make myself better. Always think positively, and don’t dwell on the negativity. Don’t doubt yourself and have a positive outlook. Ever since I’ve been doing that, it’s been great.

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