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LaFayette City Lake closes due to flow issues

By Jody Stewart
LaFayette City Council met Monday afternoon at the Alfa building. In attendance were Mayor Vines, Michael Ellis, Shannon Hunter, Terry Mangrum and City Attorney Mac Tucker. Ann Gleaton spoke to the council and updated them on the situation happening at the city lake.

Friday, Mrs. Gleaton informed the city council that The LaFayette City Lake would be temporarily closed due to raw water flow issues at the Water Treatment Pump House at the lake. Gleaton assured the council that there was nothing wrong with the water being sent to town and all lab testing is normal, but there was a problem at the plant with air foaming. The problem was resolved by placing a rental pump at the city lake.

Gleaton explained that the city’s raw water pump is sucking air due to not enough flow coming to the pump house, causing air to foam up on the flocculator and basins at the water plant. The rental pump is in use to help pump more flow to the pump house. Gleaton said she was sorry for the inconvenience to our citizens who like to fish.

Gleaton told the council Monday night that the intake screens have been cleaned and inspected nothing is blocking the screen. She explained that she is currently waiting on a quote to have a camera ran through the pipe so we can see what else if not fish eggs that could be causing the issue. She assured the council that they are working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. She also told the council that she did not want to go to a large expense on this issue due to the fact a new line was due to be put in shortly.

Councilman Mangram brought up the issue going on with the schools in LaFayette. He asked that the board to stay focused on the situation. Mangram said it was imperative that the Mayor, city council and all citizens stay focused on everything going on so that LaFayette could come out in the best situation possible. Shannon Hunter expressed a concern on how to help the citizens be better heard.

The council decided to change a date for the water notice meeting and public hearing due to pending graduations. This meeting is to discuss a rate increase for water and sewer. The date for the meetings was changed from May 23rd to May 24th same time 5:30 same place Alfa building.

The city council then discussed ordinance no. 472 which involved a rate increase for City Cemetery plots, which passed unanimously. The price for a city cemetery lot is now $100 per grave space and an additional $450 for the perpetual care of the lot. If a person purchases a lot that has a marker no higher than the surrounding ground the perpetual care will be $350.00.

Any owners of city cemetery lots are not allowed to transfer or sell lots without written consent and approval from the city and a fee of $100 will be accessed.

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