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Letter to the Editor: Bad dog roaming city freely

To the Editor of the Lafayette Sun:

My Name is Rosalyn Trammell, and I want to share my story with the Lafayette, Alabama Community to make people aware a dog roaming freely in the community. On Tuesday, December 28, 2021 at approximately 11:00 a.m., I was taking a routine walk on First Street in Lafayette, Alabama. Suddenly, I saw a white dog charging toward me. I screamed to the top of my voice. I struggled to keep the pit bull dog away from me. I was terrified as the White Pitt Bull Dog attacks me and tries to bite me. I thought quickly and used the trekking pole device I carry when I walk. The dog tried to get to my body by several directions. I saw the dog’s teeth. The dog tries to encircle around me to attack me from the back, sides, and front. I fought for my life for a lengthy period of time. Finally, the dog stops attacking me, and it went away from me. I walked to a near by residents and talked to them about the vicious dog. They heard me screaming, but they were afraid of the dog and did not try to help me.

Immediately, I walked to the Lafayette Police Department and spoke to a police officer and another police officer was called as well. The two Officers went to where the incident occurred. On Wednesday the next day, I went back to the Lafayette Police Station to follow up on the incident with the dog. On Thursday, I met with Chief of Police George Rampey, Animal Control and a City Police Officer. Then, I left the Police Department and proceeded to go home. To my surprise, I saw the dog lying down on the side of a resident’s yard. I went back to the Lafayette Police Station and informed Chief George Rampey, a police officer, and the Animal Control Officer the dog remained free to roam and subject to attack other people. The Police Officer and the Animal Control Officer went to see the dog. The dog tried to attack them. The dog ran to his home. He went into the back of the fence at his home. To my amazement, the dog greeted them at the front of the fence, and the dog continued to growl and threaten to attack them through the fence.

There are many testimonies from residents about the vicious White Pitt Bull Dog roaming the streets freely in Lafayette, Alabama. Some residents have already been mauled and bitten by the dog. There have been several complaints about the White Pitt Bull Dog for a lengthy period of time.

This letter is written to warn the People in Lafayette, Alabama of the imminent threat of being attacked, bitten, mauled, or even killed by the White Pitt Bull Dog. The Citizens of Lafayette, Alabama need to be aware of the Bad Ass Dog.

Rosalyn Trammell

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